Haven Spa NYC: Massages for the Tourist, Bitch and Geek in You

As a Spa Editor, I am fortunate to be able to try many different treatments, including massages. While I have enjoyed some good and even great massages, the three that I recently had at Haven Spa are now at the top of my list. The Tourist Massage, the Geek Massage and the Bitch Massage, are now my highly coveted anti-stress treatments.

Whenever I get a massage, it seems that I am super stressed, and have not had one in forever. The first massage I had at Haven was the new Tourist Massage, and it is the brainchild of my expert masseuse, Lara Katsman. She designed the massage for travelers who are suffering the effects of time change and other symptoms of travel. Since I had not been traveling, I questioned whether this massage could alleviate my everyday stress. I discovered that travel is not a prerequisite for the Tourist Massage.

This massage especially targeted the lower part of my body, and even before it was over, my legs felt like jello, and my feet were getting there. I do a lot of walking, as well as exercising, so the lower body focus was very welcome. Katsman’s massage technique places pressure on specific muscles to trigger a result in your body and brain that acts as a re-set. If you are jet lagged, this massage can help get your sleep cycle back on track. Although I wasn’t jet lagged, I did sleep better after this massage.

The Bitch Massage is entirely different, focusing more on the upper body, and in my case, the shoulder area, which holds most of my stress (and bitchiness). This massage is designed to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability and premenstrual symptoms, using massage techniques that increase circulation and lymph flow while lowering fluid retention and toxins. I recommend getting this massage when you are feeling yes, bitchy from being stressed out at work and with life in general. News flash: Men can also benefit from this massage. Anyone who wants to feel calmer and more centered will benefit immensely from the Bitch Massage.

When my massage was over, I felt a whole body serenity that I definitely did not bring with me that day. It even stayed with me as a traveled on the subway later, which is no small feat. Later, I was already planning my next massage at Haven.

The last massage I tried was the Geek Massage. It is not just for geeks, but works for anyone who uses technology too much. Today, that is almost everyone. This treatment specifically targets the shoulders, neck and lower back, and incorporates some killer stretches for the arms and legs.

During the massage, Katsman used T Spheres, which are rubber massage balls, to roll on my shoulders and upper back. She did so, after using her own massage techniques that erased the dozens of knots in my shoulder muscles. Needless to say, the final application of the T Spheres was heavenly as well as torturous, in a good way. As part of this massage, you get to take the T Spheres home to use in between professional massages. These little, hard rubber balls are amazing, and absolutely work to relieve tense muscles.

Speaking of tense muscles, I am ready for another massage. Look out for new creations from Haven in the future. As always, they manage to find something in all of us that can benefit from targeted massage techniques.

Haven Spa
250 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012