HighOnLove’s Sensual Bath

HighOnLove’s sensual bath salts, herbs, and flowers of rosemary and lavender will deliver an at-home spa treatment to help you de-stress this holiday season and beyond. The aroma of its flowers, salt and herbs imparts lasting relaxation for the body and mind, and HighOnLove® offers array of other products focused on pleasing all your senses.

HighOnLove is poised at the intersection between beauty, self-care, and sensuality, empowering women to take charge of their own pleasure and well-being. The entire HighOnLove® line is vegan, cruelty-free and crafted with clean ingredients, so you can feel good in every way. They provide your bodily needs and source only premium, natural ingredients so you can explore self-care or intimacy. From relaxing bath oils to massage candles and the cult fave, Stimulating Sensual Oil, each HighOnLove product is both beautifully packaged and functional, harnessing the natural benefits of cannabis.

When I used HighOnLove’s bath salt in my lukewarm water-filled tub, it left me feeling refreshed with softened skin, alleviated aches and pains, and imparted a newfound sense of relaxation. If you appreciate an at-home aromatherapy experience and other body-pleasing sensations, HighOnLove has everything you need for sensual treatments as the holiday season begins to kick in.

Isis Swaby

Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Isis Swaby is a culture and lifestyle writer, artist, and DJ, as well as a native New Yorker. Isis's love for fashion and travel extends into food palettes of amazing world cuisines and spirits. Isis has traveled to Japan and to the tropics of Jamaica, and has completed art residencies with the InterCultural-ODYSSEYS Artist Residency in San Ramon, Costa Rica and the Chashama Studio Artist Residency in Harlem. Worked with brands as likes of Sonos, Apple Music, NTS Radio, Kangol, Redbull, Supreme and VP Records. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and Jersey City, NJ.