How to Revive Your Skin for Spring

The winter months are not kind to our skin, and no matter how much we try to maintain moisture, all skin needs some TLC before the spring. These products will pamper and renew your skin from head to toe and feel like mini spa treatments.

Taila Prana Face Oil will transform your dry skin with botanical oils loaded with antioxidants. Formulated with Brahmi, an antiaging herb, rosehip seed oil, Tulsi oil and Neem oil, this serum minimizes fine lines, firms and hydrates skin as well as diminishes dark spots. I use Prana Face Oil immediately after cleansing as a luxurious treat for my skin.

Control Corrective C Defense Serum with Poly-Pore® Technology is just what dehydrated winter skin needs. This technology ensures continuous hydration over a 24- hour period. It also brightens dull winter skin and protects it from environmental stresses. This serum really keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, even in dry winter heat and biting cold wind.

The Mantra Mask CBD Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask is the ultimate remedy for thirsty skin of all types. This mask has 30 mg of CBD, hyaluronic acid and glycogen that combines to leave your skin absolutely glowing. I love that after you take off the mask there is still enough formula to rub into your skin. No need to moisturize after using this mask.

Say “Bye Bye to Dry,” with the sheet mask of the same name from Leaders Cosmetics. This sheet mask is intensely hydrating and gives my skin an amazing glow. It is perfect for giving your skin a lift before going out to an event.

Anshi Transdermal Rubs are out of this world for dry skin from head to toe. They come in a variety of healing rubs, including Detox Aloe, Total Healing Turmeric and Nurturing Peppermint. The Classic Himalayan Salt Rub can be used to customize and blend with your own essential oils. These rubs are formulated with coconut oil, castor oil, Himalayan sea salt and vitamin E oil. Slather them on after showering or bathing or use them as a bath scrub or soak. I am officially obsessed.

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter and Shea Moisturizing Epsom Salt in Coconut Lime are decadent ways to soften your body and relax at the same time. Bathe in the soothing, ultra-moisturizing Epsom salts, and after your bath use the body butter for an aromatherapeutic and silky-smooth experience.

MILEO’s Collonges-la-Rouge, The Collagen Maker, is a little red miracle serum that will transform your skin with just a few drops. Formulated with pharmaceutical white lupine seed oil, this serum promotes type I collagen in only three days. I tried it and it made my mature skin look firmer and smoother in the first few days. The scent also gives you an aromatherapeutic blend of red narcissus flower, gardenia and tuberose each time you use it. A little goes a long way, and you can still use your moisturizer along with the serum.

Last, but not least, pamper those lips with Kocostar’s Lip Mask, a wonderful way to really moisturize dry, winter chapped lips. I love that the mask extends to the area around the lips so your whole mouth area is luscious and sexy.