HydraFacial at Roseyard Aesthetics + Q & A with Founder Elena

Although the HydraFacial treatment has been around for a while, I’ve only just discovered this thoroughly sublime skincare experience at Roseyard Aesthetics on Park Avenue, which recently opened its elegant doors in June. This boutique clinic offers an array of beautifying treatments that range from various facial treatments, body treatments, laser resurfacing, lash and brow treatments, injectables, Keravive hair treatments, IV therapy, and much more. You can purchase packages for multiple visits, too.

The Dream Team at Roseyard Aesthetics

The Relaxing, Glow-Producing, Moisturizing HydraFacial

Diana administered my treatment, and I highly recommend her for her expertise, warmth, personable nature, experience, and genuine enthusiasm for what she does. The process took 50 minutes and was quite relaxing and effective. It entails using a vacuum-like machine attached to a computer and encompasses cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, moisturizing with a serum, nourishing and deeply hydrating, followed by rejuvenation with LED infrared light, and then lifting my visage through massage and lymphatic therapy.

While I was under the LED infrared light, Diana gave me a softening oil hand massage that was calming and hydrating. The HydraFacial is capped off at the end with a cold Terahertz Stone facial massage to close the pores and deliver Chinese Gua Sha effects (a unique way to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon). The properties of the cold Terahertz stone, combined with a centuries-old tradition of Gua Sha, contributes to improved skin elasticity, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, increased blood circulation. and overall well-being. You can opt to include a French Codage product (in my case, Anti-Aging) – which is efficacious and smelled wonderful. When I was finished, my face felt as soft as a baby’s bottom, and the effect endured.

You can read more about the HydraFacial and other treatments at Roseyard Aesthetics here.

Q & A with Elena, Roseyard Aesthetic Founder
How did you get started in this field, and why?

My passion for medical beauty and aesthetics began with a deep fascination for the intersection of science and art. The ability to enhance natural beauty and help individuals feel confident in their own skin inspired me to delve into this field.

The Covid isolation period deepened my knowledge of well-being, nutrition, and age prevention. It also allowed me to thoroughly review the available aesthetic treatments and procedures in the United States. When I took stock of the age management treatments and procedures in NYC, I was surprised to discover the limited options. There were two choices: classic product-based anti-aging facials and treatments or invasive plastic surgery. Only about 5% of any topical product is effectively absorbed by the skin, so the effect isn’t profound or long-lasting, while plastic surgery is a radical solution. I couldn’t find anything in the middle of those two options.

What was your path to opening the Roseyard Aesthetics Clinic?

I started going to industry events and expos, talking with the professionals, and by the beginning of 2023, I already had so much information about medical aesthetics that I would love to share with others to improve their self-confidence.
This is why I created Roseyard Aesthetics.

What are some of your own personal favorite treatments?

Our Sciton BBL laser machine is the latest and most effective in the industry. Moxi treatment is the pinnacle of what non-invasive laser treatment can do for your skin, and it is my favorite. It tightens the pores, rejuvenates the skin, and eliminates the pigmentation. I also love BBL Bare hair removal – it stops hair growth in a record number of treatments and works on any hair, even the most light and thin ones. I use HydraFacial – our star treatment- before going to events or whenever my skin needs that extra glow. We have recently signed a contract with an exclusive distributor of Codage cosmetics. Codage products are developed and produced in France. With the addition of this fantastic line of products, we can provide an enhanced and exclusive HydraFacial experience. When I have sore muscles or feel bloated, I go for the Endosphere treatment, an Italian technology that combines lymphatic drainage and deep-tissue massage. And, of course, injectables. Most of our injectors are trained in Europe and are constantly trained on the latest products and techniques.

What excites you the most about the future of the field?

The medical beauty industry constantly evolves, with new procedures and treatments emerging. We can provide our clients with cutting-edge treatments that deliver exceptional results by staying ahead of the trends. The latest trend we incorporated in our practice is intimate bleaching. While it may seem like a new concept, intimate bleaching has been around for years and is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to boost confidence and improve overall appearance. We are closely monitoring the new equipment offerings that fight against hair loss, which many of our clients have struggled with after the pandemic.

What is something that most people don’t understand about skincare?

Many people have misconceptions about aesthetic treatments, assuming they are only necessary when visible signs of aging or concerns arise. Our challenge lies in dispelling these misconceptions and educating clients about the benefits of preventative services, such as maintaining natural beauty, slowing down the aging process, and preventing future issues.

How do you see Roseyard evolving?

At Roseyard Aesthetics, we plan to expand our services and become the ultimate one-stop destination for all beauty needs. We aim to create a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere that exudes a private club feel while offering a wide range of top-notch services. We want to be known as an innovative, trusted brand that prioritizes client satisfaction. In line with our commitment to excellence, we also consider developing our own line of premium skincare products. These products will be carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients, backed by scientific research, and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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