Ilona Beauty: Expert Care for Mature Skin

Ilona Beauty was created in the US in the 1960s by Hungarian immigrant Ilona Makari. Using Hungarian skincare traditions and the latest scientific discoveries, her brand is known for its premium, high-performance formulas to address all skin issues. If you want anti-aging products that truly make a difference, I recommend you to try this superb line that can be used by women of all ages, but especially benefits mature women. All skincare lines promote anti-aging in their descriptions, but few genuinely address the specific weaknesses of mature skin. Ilona Beauty does.

For the brand’s 50th anniversary, new products have been launched. I have tried the line on my mature skin and loved the results — the serums and creams really penetrate deeply into the skin and seem to get to task quickly, eliminating dryness, softening wrinkles, boosting hydration, and firming skin to its more buoyant version.

The Ilona beauty Beyond C® Corrective Serum, nicknamed the “reincarnating serum,” is housed in a dual vessel package — one side black, one side gold, each containing corrective technologies that you must mix upon use to reach maximum potency. The “black” vessel contains a novel probiotic and micronized niacin; the “gold” vessel a patented, potent, permeable form of vitamin C. The texture of this serum is so light and fine, it feels like you are putting on liquid silk. Use them at night or in the morning to nourish and replenish your skin — it will feel moisturized, more dewey, and radiant. The serum is scented, too. Nab it at

After applying the serum, treat your skin to the Ilona Beauty Restruct ® Facial Remapping Cream. At its base is an exclusive protein, Proteoglycan, sourced in Japan that helps reconstitute elastin and collagen to firm your epidermis while re-contouring the skin to regenerate and rebuild it as if your skin was being “remapped.” Ilona Beauty went a step further by cross-linking the Japanese protein with compounds that increase its effectiveness tenfold. Your skin will feel more supple, elastic, and firmer with a beautiful youthful glow (even after a few days). Try it at

Use Ilona Beauty Pretty, Polished Crystal Resurfacing Cream to rid your skin of impurities, dead skin cells, toxins, and metabolic waste whenever it looks like it could use a polish. Micro resurfacing crystals and lactic acid in a soft cream refine the skin’s surface, softening it and increasing its luminosity without stripping the skin of moisture or fragilizing its pH balance. Your skin will look fresh, perfected, and more translucent. Use it for a boost of radiancy before a special event. Order it HERE.

Don’t forget to treat the aging, fragile eye area to Ilona Buoyancy ® Resuscitating Eye Treatment, a re-oxygenation formula that easily penetrates delicate skin to enliven it with living oxygen, firming and smoothing it with multiple oxygen-carrying molecules — since the eye area is prone to tiny lines, puffiness, and dark circles. I love this eye treatment, as the skin remains dewey for hours. Your skin will appear nourished and sleek with more elasticity, and fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness will appear less visible. Resuscitate your fatigued eyes HERE.

When the creator, Miss Ilona started her brand, she inspired her chemists with a simple mantra: “My products must speak several languages.” It meant every product must adhere to seven ideals: performance, efficacy, texture, touch, luxury, smell, and quality. Find more information about this Hungarian native’s unique skin line for mature skin at