Laser Away, A Popular Med Spa Opens on the Upper West Side

Laser Away, the laser hair removal company that has taken the nation by storm, recently opened its latest location on the Upper West Side. Since its launch in Los Angeles in 2006, Laser Away has been popular with everyone, from Hollywood A-listers to anyone in the world who wants to take care of all their beauty and laser needs under one roof, with the most-cutting edge technology. Its most popular services include laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, cool sculpting, botox, fillers and anti-aging rejuvenating procedures, including IPLs and laser facials.

I went in to discover the facility and try the revolutionary Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser, a specialty of the house, designed to diminish signs of aging, help shrink pores, enhance skin tone and texture, and give you a glow. A non-invasive, dioxide laser, Clear + Brilliant requires very little down time and only minimal redness for a day. Before your appointment make sure to fill out all health forms online to expedite things and save you time so that you can come in and out in less than an hour.

All the beauty technicians at Laser Away are certified in laser procedures. My nurse, Kourtney, welcomed me in the treatment room warmly. She was extremely professional, explaining in detail all the different steps of the procedure. Then, she spread a numbing lotion to take the sensitivity off my skin. She also inserted cups tightly over my eyes to protect them from the infra light. After my skin got numb, she turned on the machine and started working on my skin with a hand held device going over every area of my face. A patented intelligent optimal tracking system ensures that the laser covers the treated area uniformly. I must not lie and say it did not hurt, because my skin is very sensitive, and I did feel an avalanche of tiny cuts on my skin in spite of the lotion. However, time goes by very fast, and Kourtney took small breaks to give my skin relief. Within 15 minutes it was all done.

Directly after my Clear + Brilliant treatment, a cooling vitamin C face mask was placed on the treated area for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce any lingering feeling of heat. To help heal the inflamed skin, you must cover your face with an anti-inflammatory skin lotion, at least three times daily, for the first three days. When you go out, it is also very important to wear a sun block with at least an SPF 50.

Safe for all skin types and tones, Clear + Brilliant works best on younger patients, eager to control first signs of aging. That’s because it encourages new collagen growth, which boosts skin tone and smoothes texture. I experienced swelling and redness for two days and a bit of roughness in the treated area but it went away after five days. This laser is relatively inexpensive at $449 and right now you can take advantage of a special before Valentine’s Day.
After a few days, expect the full effect to show and your skin to glow with better texture, transparency, less wrinkles and finer pores. Winter is the best time to get lasers done as the cool air helps heal the skin better.

Go the Laser Away and learn more about the procedure as well as many other fantastic services essential to keep you at the top of your form and beauty.
Treatment specials are available every month to help you make Laser Away a part of your beauty care routine whatever your budget. Call to make an appointment and get your skin looking fantastic for Valentine’s Day or ready for the spring.

Laser Away
147 Amsterdam (at 67th Street)
New York, NY 10023
(212) 301-0659

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