Let Your Skin Bloom! The Gillette Venus x Rifle Paper Co. Collab

I have a confession to make… I hate the summer. Honestly, the warm air can make a woman’s morning routine very tedious and stressful, with the humidity requiring more hair washing, worries about my skin breaking out from sweat, and the constant feeling of being too hot. These things detract from how much I enjoy the season. But the number one thing that makes me want to move to Alaska? My constant need to shave. I can’t wear a tank top or shorts without having to hop in the shower and make sure my body is hair-free. I realize not everyone feels this way, and that some people love flaunting their body hair, but I prefer hairless. Yet the whole idea of shaving is exhausting. Well, for everyone else who feels the same, Gilette Venus has finally given us a reason to smile and smell the roses.

Gilette Venus has partnered with Rifle Paper Co. to create a designer shave collection that renders the process of shaving practical and aesthetically pleasing. The 8-piece line features a range of the brand’s hair removal products that are decorated with marguerite patterned florals, elevating the shower experience. The fan-favorite Mini Comfortglide Razor and Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor are a part of the collection, with the handle featuring The Rifle Paper Co.’s beautiful floral design. For the collaboration, the companies have also created exciting additions, including a waxing and tweezer system.

Introducing the Gillette Venus x Rifle Paper Co. Collection
Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor ($14.99) The durable and ergonomic handle has a soft-touch grip, making the entire shaving process more comfortable. The product also comes with two Smooth-Sensitive refill cartridges.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor Blade Refills. This line is going to be flying off the shelves so it’s important to stock up on the brand’s sharpest and thinnest blades, which enable a flawless shave. The refillable cartridge contains five razors that feature a Skin Elixir lubrastrip and a water-activated ribbon of moisture to ensure protection from any nicks and cuts, all while pivoting effortlessly through curves on the body.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Comfortglide Sugarberry Razor Blade Refills. This specific refillable razor cartridge has all the attributes of the other, but with the added benefits of flexible OLAY moisture bars and a Sugarberry scent to delight the senses and comfort the skin. This blade contours around the curves for an unbelievable close shave.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Mini Comfortglide Razor. This portable, compact razor is perfect for beach trips or summer vacation. The product comes with one Comfortglide refill, which includes flexible, water-activated moisture bars with a floral scent. It easily fits into a purse, travel, or gym bag for instant smoothness on the go.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Disposable Razors (3-ct.) The 3-piece disposable razor pack features the unique Rifle Paper Co. hand-painted florals on the ergonomic handle. The beauty of the product doesn’t take away from its quality with 3 curve-hugging blades that allow for a close shave in one stroke with a MoistureRich Strip, brilliantly created with a touch of aloe for an easy glide.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Honeyflower Shave Cream . We all know that a quality shave cream makes or breaks a close shave, and with this ultra-silky formula, it does just that while also protecting the skin from nicks and cuts. The result is healthy-looking skin. The shave cream is made with shea butter, and without dyes, parabens, and sodium laurel sulfate.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Caramel Wax. The sensitive, no pre-heating wax is the first addition to the brand’s previous lineup. The product allows for long-lasting smooth results in just four easy steps. It is made with 90% naturally derived ingredients that allow for up to four weeks of smoothness while also providing a fresh, light scent.

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Silk-épil 3 Epilator. Last but not least, the new 20-tweezer system enables users to enjoy weeks of smooth skin by gently removing hairs by the root. The electric razor set comes with a massage roller, a shaver and trimmer head that gives the user more options for sensitive areas which will make the experience less painful.

The Gilette Venus x Rifle Paper Co. collection is now available at Target locations nationwide and online at Target.com.