Liangtse Wellness: Traditional Chinese Spa Treatments to Improve Your Mood

Liangtse Wellness is a luxurious new spa offering traditional Chinese methods and styles of treatment. Liangste has a variety of treatments, including cupping therapy and other massage therapies using traditional Chinese herbs. If you are looking for something different, that will offer balance and holistic well-being, I recommend a visit to Liangste.
Established in 1997, Liangste has locations throughout China, Europe and the United States, but this is its first New York City spot. On my visit I had the Chi Balancing Back Oil Massage which is a full body massage designed to open Chi points on the body. At Liagntse you change into light weight shorts and a matching loose top buttoned in the back. I was used to being completely undressed for massages, but it was nice wearing the lightweight outfit under the covers. My masseuse simply unbuttoned the top to massage and oil my back.

The focus on the upper back and shoulders was perfect for me because that is where most of my tension goes. The pressure was a wonderful blend of light and heavier strokes that completely relaxed me. After the back massage my masseuse used hot stones to fully relax my muscles. It was extremely soothing, and I recommend it, although you can opt not to have the hot stones used. I also enjoyed the lower back and leg massage which relieved soreness in my calves. Finally, I had a head and neck massage that capped off the experience. Not only did I feel very calm after my massage, but I felt balanced and free of stress. My mood was less on edge even on the streets of New York.

I am ready to return to Liangtse for a different wellness experience incorporating traditional Chinese herbs. I highly recommend a visit to Liangtse for a respite from everyday stress and tension that improves your overall well-being and mood.

Liangste Wellness
150 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022