Life’s Simple Pleasures

I’m a girl who loves life’s simple pleasures. Smelling a single rose, people-watching at the park, laughing with friends, listening to my favorite Taylor Swift album (Speak Now supremacy). I revel in these pleasures that extend to moments of self care.


Scent is important, and I start out with Elemis’The British Candle Collection Gift Set to evoke a serene mood. These exquisitely hand-poured candles are made from soy, bees’ and natural waxes, and are made in England. The quality shows.

Floral romance can be found in the English Garden candle. Notes of succulent rose, divine dewberry, and pleasing peony bloom a bouquet of perfume in my bedroom, reminiscent of a candle Persephone would light once she returned back to Earth. My recommendation is to light this if you are awaiting spring to make her appearance.

If I’m in a studious stupor, then I need a soothing scent like Regency Library candle, to be my saving grace. As if Athena crafted it herself, this candle harkens to Hogwarts and the house of Ravenclaw with scents of homely cade, welcoming cedarwood and sensuous sandalwood. One whiff of Regency Library and all the stress of studying melts away, leaving my psyche in a state of repose.

Housekeeping on a Sunday afternoon with the windows wide open, a gentle breeze drying laundry on the line, and a kettle of tea brewing in a china pot; that’s Afternoon Tea candle. Scents that can be found in your cupboard: black tea, bergamot, and raspberry comprise this delightful candle. I imagine Hestia and Demeter sipping tea with herbs Demeter harvested while Afternoon Tea is lit between them. Refreshing and light, this candle fills my life with glee.

Keeping on trend with scents, I pour three capfuls of Aching Muscle Super Soak into my tub before slipping in. The brisk woody scent fills my nostrils as I swish the water around for frothy suds. Great for after a hard workout, I tend to use this during my menstrual cycle too, since I get aches and pains all over. A hot soak with this and my muscles and tummy feel relaxed and held.

Once I step out I follow up with Cellutox Active Body Oil. Applying it to my thighs and upper arms, the herbal scent heats up and cools down my skin. Made with detoxifying juniper, sea buckthorn, and lemon to combat the appearance of cellulite and soften my skin. Afterwards my skin feels pillowy soft and supple. Heavenly.

LOLA – Essential Oil Blend
For painful cramps, I roll LOLA’s Essential Oil Blend onto my abdomen for instant relief. Made from seventeen different oils, the lavender oil calms my mind, ginger root warms my skin, lemon peel oil detoxifies, and so many other ingredients work to ease my aches. Holistic ways to support my body during my cycle are always my go-to option, and thanks to LOLA, I found another (beautifully scented) tool to use! Plus it’s small enough for on-the-go. I’ve snuck a few rolls of it while in the drive-thru!

MDAiRE – RXR Retinol Anti-Aging Serum
The pleasure of taking care of my skin is accomplished with MDAiRE’s RXR Retinol Anti-Aging Serum. This retinol is made with Vitamin A that promotes cell turnover, which in return aids in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I apply it a few times a week at bedtime. I’ve noticed the lack of blackheads and my pores looking smaller after using it for a month. The texture is nice and creamy, unlike other retinols I’ve tried that have a grainy texture. MDAiRE is a perfect addition to me curating a life filled with delights and pleasures.