Lose Inches With These Spa Treatments

Today there are a variety of spa treatments that can help you lose inches without actually dieting or exercising. I tried some of these methods, and they work temporarily, but you have to exercise and eat right afterwards or what you lose will surely return. Still, these treatments are a great boost to your figure if you have a special occasion or just want to look good for vacation.

Antoinette Boudoir Spa offers a treatment called Slenderpress that is a detoxing session that uses air pressure massage to stimulate circulation and help lymphatic drainage. First you change into a thin white cloth jumpsuit and lie face up on the treatment table. The esthetician then wraps the pressure massage pads around your arms, legs and abdomen. The pads are plastic coated and soft but will be heated and create intermittent pressure during the session.

The Pressotherapy, as it is called, is an air pressure massage that dissolves fat cells and helps reduce cellulite. The Far-Infrared Heat Therapy helps increase your metabolic rate and increase blood circulation. The infrared heat helps to dissolve fat cells and accelerate blood and lymph circulation.

After a forty-minute session I felt slimmer and more energized. Since I did not need to lose weight, the amount of heat therapy was reduced and I was told that with more heat you would sweat. I did not sweat much during the treatment but my abdomen and thighs felt lighter. In order to see results it is recommended to have Slenderpress treatments twice a week for six to eight weeks.

The spa also offers a Lipoflush treatment that is a non-invasive treatment that targets fat reduction in specific areas. The treatment works using a device that delivers Radio Frequency vibrations and Bio Electric LED vibrations to the targeted area. Lipoflush can be used in combination with the Slenderpress treatment. http://www.ab-spa.com, 212-938-1099, 11 West 46th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

Another anti-cellulite treatment is called iLipo, and it is offered by The Wellpath. iLipo is an FDA approved non-invasive treatment that uses lasers that are emitted from paddle shaped devices to shrink fat cells. I was skeptical that I could lose inches right away but was determined to try it. I lay face down on a table with my underwear on and Dr. Jame Heskett, the owner of Wellpath, put gel on the back of my thighs and began the laser treatment.

Dr. Jame, as she likes to be called, explained that the iLipo laser emits light that is absorbed by a cell found inside the superficial fat cells of the body. The reaction between the light and the cell painlessly makes holes in the wall of the fat cell. The contents of the fat cells leak out and are eliminated from the body just like letting air out of a balloon. The body then burns it as energy through exercise or metabolizes it in the liver. At least eight sessions twice a week are recommended for maximum results.

I wanted the treatment to target cellulite on the back of my thighs. It took only twenty minutes and was painless. Dr. Jame said it was important to drink lots of water afterwards and do some exercise rather than just go sit down. Apparently, the session actually releases about 300 calories of energy into your system that must be burned off. It makes sense that all that fat has to go somewhere.
This treatment was great because Dr. Jame takes pictures and measures you before and after so you actually know how many inches you lost. My right thigh is bigger than my left so I lost more on the right thigh. After the treatment, I promptly walked for a while so I could burn some of the extra 300 calories. http://www.thewellpath.com, 212-737-9604, 903 Madison Avenue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10021.
There is still time to try a slimming treatment series and look great for the last days of summer. What have you got to lose?