Lush Astro Report: December 2022

To be in touch with the universe is to be in touch with the inner child. A playful, wondrous creature with age-old wisdom in an ageless spirit. And this cosmic child would probably be elated with some goodies from Lush Cosmetics (I know the adult in me is). Blessedly, our friends from Lush have been oh-so-kind and shared their celestial holiday collection with me. Now, it’s time for me to enlighten each of the twelve signs what heavenly Lush Cosmetic object is written in your stars:

Sagittarius, it’s your season and my moon sign. You fun loving sages, Christmas Party Bath Bomb fits you exquisitely. With its citrusy scent and sparkling candies, Sag babes will want to bathe with this before their actual Christmas/birthday party! You can then spray down with Fun Times to keep that citrus scent going allllll night long. You know, while you talk philosophy and keep the vibes flowing until the wee hours of morning. Sagittarius – it’s looking like a good time.

Capricorn, you’re second in command in our lineup, and oh boy, commanding you are. Maybe take some time for some fun with Bouncing Santa, a watermelon jiggly jelly for the shower! Shaped like Ole’ St. Nick and bright red too, you’ll wash away those winter (and general saturnine) blues. Leaving you refreshed and dreaming of summer before you hit the hay for your eight hours of sleep. And when you wake up, get started on your busy day, don’t forget to use some hand balm. Your phalanges deserve it. Introducing Sweet Wild Orange Hand Balm, crafted with sweet wild orange and aloe vera. Kiss callous and crusty skin into that good night, and rise and shine with soft baby butt fingers! Cap, remember there’s always time for some TLC, especially during your time.

Aquarius, my dudes! Happy holidays, make a move you silly goose and try out a bath bomb as humorous as you. Gift Horse Bath Bomb is shaped in a Looney-Tunes-esque horse with big eyes and buck teeth. Slip into sunshine waters of lemon and golden hues, while you come up with your comedy set to share at the office holiday party. Amplify the giggles with the Orange Shower Scrub that will have you he-he-ing while you sniff that citrus goodness. You’ll probably try to eat it, please don’t. It only smells as good as it looks.

Dreamy, sleepy Pisces. The babies of the universe, spiritual tellers. May I suggest Golden Pear soap, fragranced with marshmallow root and pear that transports you to fluffy suds and the land of Nod. If you’re interested in a more sparkling scent profile, Moon Bath Bath Bomb is your ideal match. Your psyche will be enlivened with the pairing of lemongrass and lime in this little ball. Mindfulness is in your future and subconscious this winter, my dear fish.

For the hot tamales, flaming rams — you Aries are next. You love a strong drink and in your mind, holidays equals hot toddies! Hot Toddy Shower Gel will sedate that boozy craving as you bathe in aromas of cinnamon, ginger, and clove. Your skin will be nourished by citrus oils, and perfumed long after you step out of the tub. Amplify the cinnamon note by adding Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar into the mix. Then it’s a real party — a spicy party with mountains of bubbles big enough to ski down. And hey, savor a hot toddy after and indulge in some adult fun.

Pampering royalty, hi it’s me, Taurus. My sun sign and my oh my, how we shine, even in the depth of winter. Spring babies with a sweet-tooth, we deserve the sweetest of kisses. Salted Caramel Lip Scrub will do the trick. Just scoop, rub, pucker, and kiss. With flavors and fragrances of salty-sweet-buttery caramel, you can’t stop with just wiping it off. You can eat this caramelized confectionary scrub, so lick away! Even though your lips smell scrumptious, you will also want your skin to smell this scrumptious. Turmeric Latte Perfume will imbue your frostiest of moods with warmth. It will be reminiscent of that cafe you visited in France as you sipped your vanilla latte while people watching and daydreaming about your one true love, perhaps swooping in to buy you some pain au chocolat. I mean, a Taurus can dream, right? This perfume can be your reality though, so make sure to pick it up before it disappears this holiday season.

Jumping, jolly, joyous Gemini. Can’t surprise a Gemini but Magical Santa can with mystical swirls of pink, melon, and orange; pretty much a vibrant rainbow in your bath with the Lush brand. With added raspberry and citrus, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a bowl of fruit loops. Now that the sweet twin is satisfied, the sour twin needs a little lovin’. Elf Shake shower gel will satisfy with its slime green color, cooling mint, and fruity scent. The sour twin can’t stay sour for long with this shower gel. Ultimately you’ll have an explosion of color, smells, and smiles this holiday season with Lush goodies!

Tenderhearted Cancer, I know you’re home-away-from-home this time of year. With your sweet disposition destined for hot July nights filled with birthday candles, fortunate has it that there’s a famous scent at Lush for your saccharine spirit: Snow Fairy! Think baby pink cotton candy being spun at the holiday market. Your eyes expand like two orbs as you reach out to take a bite. That’s Snow Fairy shower gel, and you’ll be transported back to childhood with all of its beautiful memories. What else could you ask for? Well maybe more pretty and pink. Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb is your deliverer to Candyland. Notes of tonka and almond will grace your nose, kiss your soul, and send you into waves of blushing rose. My dear crab, soak as often as you need this winter season until you can burrow in the summer sand once more.

Classic king of the jungle and safari, you need no introduction, though you want it regardless. Drum roll, trumpet toot, slow clap for: Leo. I don’t blame you for the regal and somewhat pompous demeanor. I’m a Leo rising, after all. I like splendor and glamour, showcasing my glorious locks and winning smile. I know you do too, so try out Montalbano Shampoo Bar. Jam-packed with lemon and rosemary, this portable bar will keep your mane looking absolutely fly. Whether you are a hottie blondie, brunette babe (like moi), raven-haired goddess, fiery redhead, or sporting a snazzy colorway, this shampoo bar will be your bestie. Your actual bestie might try to snag it so just buy two, one for them, one for you. Now that you’ve done a good deed, time for some spoiling! Golden Pudding Bath Bomb will have caught your eye because it’s 50% larger than all other bath bombs (so fitting for a lion), shimmers and shines, and smells of citrus fruit. It turns your bathwater into a gold rush of psychedelic colors. I’m sure you’ll be stocking up so it can last you all year long.

Too classy for this world, too classy to be touched, are the vestal Virgos. You only do it in a very specific and thoughtful way. Perfection is your calling and Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar is the resounding answer. This iconic bubble bar is the classic peppermint aroma, ideal for a mind and soul cleansing bath after your long day at work. Top off your soft skin with Sleepy Body Lotion to seal in moisture with cocoa butter. Slumber amongst lavender fields, forever.

The pretty ones of the zodiac, Libras, rise up and pop out with some rainbows. Rainbow bath bars, that is. Ice Rainbow Bubble Bar is a candy shop transporter and Wonka can’t even compare. Then you add some Rainbow Bubble Bar, a Sicilian lemon and lemon oil bar. Mix the two sides and outpour some out-of-this-world suds. As the scales, you often can’t choose just one, so of course you’ll have to get both. It’s a good problem to have. Besides it’s the holidays and Lush has far too many amazing items for you to choose only one.

Some may say you’re scary, Scorpio, but I know you. As my sister sign it is my duty to suggest only the finest products. And to me, you’re an angel (with devilish qualities when need be). Golden Angel Bubble Bar calls your name with sweet, sweet honey toffee for a sugary spin in your personal sea. Swim about and inhale the smell of the heavenly bodies. Or maybe if you’re too cool for that sweet stuff, Crystal Snow Bath Bomb could be your dream realized. Created with sea salt crystals, perfumed with vanilla and peppermint, it ensures that you’ll float away back into the otherworldly abyss of your watery depths, blissfully.

No matter your sign, age, or other — Lush Cosmetics has all of this and more for you this holiday season. Shop a majority of these products in their Lush Advent Calendar. Happy bathing, astrological family!

Lush Advent Calendar: HERE.