Make Your Dentist Proud

Today I went to my biannual dentist appointment. My dentist looked, poked around, and said “Your teeth look so good,” and I smiled (on the inside, of course, since she was polishing my teeth.)

I’ve been using SNOW products for the past month and it’s been a fun time to be excited about my oral health. (Maybe that sounds a bit weird but I just really love teeth; a pretty set of teeth gets me every time.)

To jumpstart a whiter smile, I use The Magic Teeth Strips. These dissolve strips come in a minty flavor and are great for sensitive teeth owners (it’s me, hi). I keep them in my car to pop on while in traffic, wait for them to dissolve, and over the course of this month I’ve noticed my teeth gleaming. My friends even noticed and I slid them a few of these strips to try out themselves. They loved them, of course, and are now SNOW converts.

I must talk about the Daily Whitening Toothpaste. It has a clean mint flavor and is small enough to travel with; this toothpaste gets the job done. In conjunction with the strips, it helps in the maintenance of keeping my teeth healthy and breath fresh. Absolutely a must-have!

Now for the fun part: flossing. I’m serious, don’t roll your eyes, flossing is fun with SNOW’s The Water Flosser. This portable flosser comes with a tank and nozzle that I can slip into my duffel bag and keep on my bathroom counter. It comes with three settings: green for pulse, red for normal, and yellow for soft. As easy as 1) filling the tank up with warm water, 2) putting the nozzle, 3) selecting the setting and using! I love how I can get the dentist experience 365 days in the comfort of my bathroom. It’s sickeningly satisfying to see what food and plaque comes from my mouth after I use The Water Flosser. The tank is a bit small so I have to refill one or twice during each session, but I consider it to be *self care* so I don’t mind. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who tells white lies to their dentist… now they can tell the whole truth thanks to SNOW.

I need to moisturize my little lippies and SNOW has the remedy with their Lip Balm. This minty salve helps to combat the AC air from cracking my lips. Plus it is minty and delivers a tingle – and dare I say, a bit of a plumping effect? Either way, my lips shine and so do my pearly whites with SNOW products.

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