Mantra Masks Are Magic

Spa skincare is easy and super enjoyable at home with Mantra Mask.

Looking for a new and rejuvenating facial mask to smooth, hydrate, and detoxify your skin? Look no further than Mantra Masks. Founded by skincare specialist Kim Wellen, Mantra Masks render superior skincare accessible and affordable.

Completely relaxing, these CBD-infused face masks are known for several benefits, which include anti-aging, firming, rebuilding collagen, reducing inflammation, soothing redness, and diminishing the appearance of pores. The Mantra collection of masks are especially fundamental if you happen to be traveling during the holiday season to keep your complexion fresh and vibrant. What I like about these masks is: compared to other masks that slide around, Manta Masks stay securely on your face and are exceptionally hydrating with loads of serum.

Bonus: enjoy a free gift with purchase of $50 or more. See the entire line and learn more about the fantastic benefits of CBD masks at