Microdermabrasion Home Devices: Splurge vs. Steal?

I decided to compare two microdermabrasion home devices to see which one performed best: the Personal Microderm Elite Pro, for $299.00, or a less expensive brand by Spa Sciences, designed as a knock-off of the PMD Elite Pro, for $29.99. I was prepared to find that there was no difference between the two, because in my experience with many beauty products, a higher price is not always indicative of a better result. See what made me go with the higher priced model this time.

The PMD Elite Pro is designed to provide clinical-grade exfoliation and use vacuum suction to remove impurities. It has a slim, easy to hold design but feels a bit heavy. It was easy to set up, and the initial charge takes three hours, but lasts three to four months. To begin, you select a disc that corresponds with the intensity you want. The discs include a Sensitive Disc, Very Sensitive Disc, Moderate Disc and Very Coarse. Also included are a Luxe Face Cap, Luxe Body Cap, and a Blackhead Cap. My goal was to use the PMD device on my face, so I did not test it on my body, but it is a great feature. I selected the Moderate Disc to use on my face.
Next you choose the level of intensity on the device, and I decided to set it to the second highest level to see how it felt. I followed the directions on how to move the device across your face, and I was able to use it without any discomfort. Once I finished, I applied my usual moisturizer and my skin looked smoother right away. 
The directions recommend using the device once a week, and I could not wait to try it again. I could only imagine how much my skin would improve each time. The results were gradual over the recommended 8-12 weeks, but definitely gave my skin a smoother and plumper look. It was especially noticeable in my chin and jaw area where I am losing the most elasticity. 

By contrast, my experience with the Spa Sciences MIO Pore Extraction & Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing System was less satisfying. The initial charge takes 24 hours, and only lasts for 40 minutes, significantly less than the PMD device. Aesthetically, the MIO device is thicker, and less comfortable to hold than the PMD device, but it is slightly lighter. The MIO device has four treatment tips, including one diamond microderm tip that removes the outer layer of dead skin, and three facial pore cleanser tips used to extract blackheads, and vacuum dirt and impurities. There is also a speed control button, with five levels, and the directions recommend beginning on the lowest level. I was most interested in using the diamond microderm tip, but the surface felt rough on my skin and did not produce results that I noticed until I used it for several weeks.

I did appreciate the five different speed levels and that I could change them easily during use. I also liked that it was easier to use than the PMD brand in the beginning, primarily because there are fewer attachment choices.
Although the MIO device was significantly less expensive than the PMD Elite Pro, I could not justify spending money on a product that would end up in my closet after using it a few times. Since there was not a significant change in my skin, even after several weeks, I would not keep using the device.

If you want to invest in a microdermabrasion device that works well and can be used to maintain your professional treatment results in between visits, I recommend the PMD device, sold at https://www.pmdbeauty.com. If you decide to try the MIO device it is available in the Spa Sciences store at https://www.amazon.com.

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