Oasis Day Spa: NYC’s #1 Spot for Self Care in 2024

Treat yourself to a new year of self care by heading to Midtown South for a spa treatment. My spa of choice: Oasis Day Spa. Oasis Day Spa offers an extravagant experience with their Oasis Signature Package. The package includes Lavender Salt Body Scrub,Swedish Massage, and Custom Facial for absolute serenity for a few hours.   

The Amenities 

I arrived at the Oasis Day Spa and the receptionist greeted me with a smile and paperwork. The spa’s lavender scented air transported me into a state of bliss while I wrote down my preferences for my Signature Package. After I returned my paperwork to the receptionist, she led me to the locker room to prepare for my session. In the locker room the plush robes and sturdy sandals filled the shelves for client use at the spa. I changed into my outfit and walked over to the waiting area before my first treatment.

On the tables in the waiting area were refreshments, like trail mix and fruit water, for guests to enjoy. I sipped on water while the sounds of gongs put me at ease. After a few moments of this royal treatment, my Body Therapist, Efia, appeared to begin my first service: the Lavender Salt Scrub. 

 Lavender Salt Body Scrub

We walked to the luxurious shower room where she sprayed my body with warm water. Next, she began the scrub process with exfoliating gloves and salt scrub. Throughout the process my mind and body were at ease as Efia scrubbed my skin. I told her about my problem area of sore feet in which she put extra TLC in scrubbing away dead skin cells. I was reborn. Efia rinsed my body with warm water to finish up the treat. I felt clean, smooth, and ready for the next treatment: a Swedish Massage with Rosemary.

Swedish Massage 

The massage therapist, Rosemary, has hands that can melt away even the most stubborn of knots. Prior to the session, she asked about any concerns I had around the massage. I tend to have pain in my shoulders and lower back so I told her to use extra pressure in those areas. I lay on the table with a blanket covering me as Rosemary directed me to take three mindful breaths to center myself. Rosemary’s firm touch that guided me to sleep. All too soon, the session was complete. Final thoughts: this was my #1 favorite Swedish massage I ever experienced. 

Custom Facial 

My third session was a custom facial with Melissa, a certified Skin Care Therapist born and bred in NYC. Her station was stocked with high end products, fluffy towels, and a facial steamer. To start, she cleansed my face with a gentle cleanse. I laid back and enjoyed the gentle touch Melissa used to buff away skin cells, brush on a jelly mask, and spritz on toners. The sounds of soft music filled the room. Scents of cucumber filled my nostrils and once again I was slipping into a slumber. After an hour into my facial, Melissa put the finishing touch with balm on my lips and I was done. I took a look at my radiant skin in the mirror and I felt absolutely beautiful. 


Oasis Day Spa is truly that: an oasis from the daily stress of adult life. I left in a state of bliss and cannot wait to return again! Book a session for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to escape the stress of NYC. Find your serenity at Oasis Day Spa located at One Park Avenue Between 32nd St. & 33rd St., New York, NY 10016.