OM Organics: A Feet, Hands + Face Trio

OM Organics from Canada has a delightful threesome for your skin to soothe yourself from head to toe at home, Spa-style:

Coconut Dew – Face
The Coconut Dew Hyaluronic Moisture Cream is 91% organic and is ideal for all skin types. It contains no added color/dye or fragrance (phew!), as well as no fillers, parabens, harsh ingredients, toxic chemicals, or sulfates. It’s safe to use during pregnancy, and it works. Its smells wonderful, and the coconut is super hydrating. This cream is lightweight, plumping, and leaves skin with a slightly dewy glow, which everyone will assume is simply your happiness shining through. ($42)

Mango + B5 – Hands
The Rich Hydration Hand Cream is Cert-Clean and 89% organic, and contains all of the ingredient-goodness listed above in Coconut Dew, as well as being naturally rich in healing proteins. This is a silky, buttery-soft cream that melts into your skin to deliver instant relief to wintery dry, chapped hands as we move into the cooler months. ($24)

Babassu + Mint – Feet
The Revitalizing Foot Butter is 89% organic and devoid of any toxic or harsh ingredients, which is exactly what tired feet need to soothe and revitalize at the end of the day. This decadent foot butter delivers deep nourishment to dry, cracked feet and the mint, combined with babassu, is pleasingly aromatic. ($24)

Pamper your skin this season, with nature’s most beneficial gifts.