Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally with PRP Microneedling at Drip Medi Spa

The best facial treatments are those that incorporate natural substances to encourage your skin to create collagen. PRP Micro-needling is an innovative treatment that uses your own blood by extracting the clear platelet rich plasma and then using the Skin Pen Elite to infuse the plasma under the skin. I experienced this micro-needling treatment at Drip Medi Spa, with experts at using the Skin Pen Elite to help my face create collagen.

Founder and lead Medical Provider at Drip Medi Spa, Nena Kallopoulos, a Board-Certified Physician Assistant with over 15 years of experience, began performing the PRP Micro-needling by explaining the process. First, blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma. It was fascinating to watch the process and see the clear tube of plasma. A numbing gel is spread on your face prior to the treatment to reduce any discomfort from the micro-needling. Once the numbing gel takes effect, the treatment begins.

Nena explained the procedure and informed me that certain areas of my face might be more sensitive. She was very gentle and careful to ask how I felt periodically. Although there was some minor discomfort, it was bearable. Nena also explained that following the treatment my skin would be red and that some swelling was normal. I noticed the redness and slight swelling right away. Nena provided an ice pack and recommended continuing to use ice at home.

Expect the redness to last several days, so it is important not to have this treatment right before a major event. The results are amazing when the redness subsides. After a few days, my skin was plumper and more youthful looking, which at my age is a welcome result. Although your skin continues to generate collagen following the treatment, Nena recommends having PRP Micro-needling once a month for four months, and then twice a year for maintenance.

I highly recommend trying PRP Micro-needling if you want to experience a natural beauty enhancement with stunning results. You look like yourself, but more youthful and rested. With such a delicate treatment, it is crucial to have an experienced technician, and at Drip Medi Spa you will be in excellent hands with Nena and her staff.

Drip Medi Spa also offers a variety of other skincare, cosmetic, wellness and beauty treatments. After my experience I trust Nena to perform any of these procedures and hope to return to try something new.
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