Renew Your Brows in 2022 with Microblading at Hibba Beauty Studios

The saga of my eyebrows is a tale of woe, from thick, lush brows that I wanted to tame, to the thin and sparse hairs of today. I tried it all, and finally decided to get microblading, but knew that I needed to have it performed by an expert. Hibba Beauty Studios, owned by founder, Hibba Kapil, is the only place I trusted to do this delicate treatment. Since opening her first Soho salon in 2010, Hibba has been an expert in innovative beauty procedures, including microblading, as well as threading, waxing, and sugaring. If you decide to try microblading it is important to have it done by an expert such as Hibba.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattoo, which involves creating a desired shape for your eyebrows which are filled in with brush strokes resembling the hairs in each brow. The basis of the microblading technique is the shape that is outlined for your eyebrows. I was fortunate to have Hibba perform my microblading and outline the perfect shape for my face, because she’s an expert artist who knows how to translate her art to your particular face, and to create eyebrows that enhance your look.

Hibba put a numbing gel on my eyebrows to reduce any discomfort from the tattoo process. Microblading uses a superfine row of needles to create thin, hair like marks on the skin. I felt very little discomfort during the process, and absolutely loved how my eyebrows looked. Hibba warned me that my eyebrows would appear much darker right after the microblading session and would remain that way for up to a week during the healing process. Although I realized that my eyebrows would lighten, it was the exquisite shape that completely transformed my face and made me feel like I did not need any makeup. My eyebrows were enough.

For the next couple of weeks my brows were slightly sensitive and began to scab and eventually flake. Hibba recommended that I wash with Cetaphil and use A & D Ointment afterwards. Following her recommendations really helped my healing process. It is important to allow your brow area to heal and not pick or rub them. It took me about 4-6 weeks to completely heal, but during that time my eyebrows looked amazing.

I am beyond thrilled with my eyebrows, which is something I never thought I would be able to say once they began thinning. Microblading may take a while to do, but the results can last from approximately18 months to three years. It saves me so much time not having to fill in my eyebrows every day. Microblading can also be a solution for those who have lost eyebrows due to medical conditions. Hibba is truly a miracle worker, and I highly recommend microblading at Hibba Beauty, to anyone with thin or sparse eyebrows.

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