SkinSpirit and Sculptra Changed My Life

The world of cosmetic fillers can be a confusing place and there is no one size fits all filler. I have tried several, but none have been as life-changing for me as Sculptra Aesthetic. If your face has lost volume through aging, or you want to add volume before it is gone, this filler is your savior and Heather Rypien, Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, at SkinSpirit is your angel.

My Sculptra journey began several months ago with a consultation at SkinSpirit, an amazing Med Spa, offering medical aesthetic skin, face, and body services, with twenty locations nationally, and now the first location in New York. I met with Heather Rypien, RN, BSN, CANS, an expert in the art of injecting. She customizes her treatments to each face and analyzed mine with one word: “Sculptra.” Heather told me that as soon as I walked in the door, still wearing my mask, she could tell that Sculptra was the best treatment for me. Neither one of us could have imagined how life changing Sculptra would be for me.

Sculptra is a filler that stimulates collagen production. It works by thickening the dermis of the skin, which smoothes out the surface and adds volume to areas of the face that have gradually become sunken and hollow. Other fillers may be great for some clients but for me, Sculptra was the only choice. Heather explained to me that certain areas of my face, such as the temples and under my cheekbones, had lost volume so that even a face lift would not help. She was adamant that Sculptra would provide additional volume and give my face a more youthful, healthy look. With Sculptra, however, the results are gradual, and often subtle at first.

I was truly surprised to see how loss of volume could create a more tired and unhealthy look that made me appear older. Since I did not feel the way I looked, it affected my confidence and outlook. I was ready to give Sculptra a try, but I did not get my hopes up too much. I had tried other fillers that were not very effective and were short lived.

The first time Heather injected Sculptra, she made sure my face was clean and sanitized. She explained that the injection included an anesthetic to reduce discomfort and applied several injections to my temples and around my cheekbone area. Given the amount of volume loss, Heather used two vials at my visits, but told me that some clients only need one to get results.

After my first visit, my face felt numb and stayed that way for about an hour until it wore off. As a result, I recommend not heading out for a hot date or anything important after Sculptra injections. I was hopeful when I saw more volume in my face right after the injections, but Heather said my face would be swollen and may bruise but it would wear off in a few days. She also instructed me to massage the injected areas for five minutes, five times a day. This massage is key and must be done after every visit. That seemed like a lot, but I was determined to follow instructions so I would get the best result possible.

I did not bruise the first time, but there was slight swelling and soreness that went away within a few days. I was disappointed after the first visit and felt as if there was no change at all, although I knew that stimulating collagen would take time. It is important to realize that you may not see an instant result with Sculptra. Undeterred, I continued with my visits at about 8-week intervals.

As my visits went on, Heather and I started to gradually see improved volume in my face, but it was difficult to tell without comparison to my face before. Heather took pictures at my first, before injection visit, and another early visit, so that later we could see the changes. It turned out that I needed four visits, rather than the anticipated three, to achieve results. Most clients will not require that many, which tells you how little volume I had when we started.

After my fourth and last injections, Heather recommended that I return in about eight weeks for final photos. During that time, I noticed a difference, and my skin had a healthier glow as well. The timing was great because my son’s wedding was during this period, and I felt better than I had in a long time about my face.

When I returned to SkinSpirit for the final reveal, the photos did not lie. It was truly like night and day, and I was stunned. The changes were so gradual and imperceptible over time that Heather and I sometimes thought nothing was happening. But the final comparison of before and after photos sold us both.

I cannot recommend Sculptra and Heather at SkinSpirit enough. If your face has lost volume, and you are frustrated with other fillers that do not work, you owe it to yourself to try Sculptra. But please do not just go anywhere. It is critical that Sculptra is injected correctly by a trained and experienced aesthetician or medical professional. Heather has years of experience injecting Sculptra and trains other aestheticians regarding Sculptra injections.

Sculptra lasts approximately two years, and maintenance injections are definitely in my future. I will never go anywhere but SkinSpirit so Heather can expertly inject Sculptra to keep my face looking more youthful. I know I do not look 25 or even 35, but I look like a healthier version of me and that is a priceless feeling.

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