Spa-at-Home: Enjoy a Free Face Lift with Face Yoga

I keep my body in shape and take care of my skin with the latest anti-aging creams and serums, but still, as I age, I find my skin sagging and needing better tone and elasticity. Nothing seemed to help until I tried Face Yoga – yet at first, I was skeptical. I agreed to have a consultation with Fumiko Takatsu, the founder of the Face Yoga Method. I had nothing to lose but my wrinkles.

Fumiko showed me the Face Yoga techniques that would transform the areas of my face that I thought needed tightening. We focused on the lower part of my face, which I felt was most in need of tightening. Fumiko showed me charts of the muscles in the face, and I was surprised to learn there are over 43 muscles in the face. She demonstrated several exercises that I could do to strengthen my cheek and chin muscles, as well as some techniques that Fumiko said would rebuild my cheek area.

Most of these exercises involved just using my facial muscles in slight, repetitive movements to strengthen the underlying muscles and eventually tighten the skin. Some techniques required placing my hands on my face and gently pressing beneath my cheek bones or around my jaw and neck area.

After the demonstration, I was determined to give these new exercises a try and be consistent, so that I would see results. It makes sense that since your face has muscles, it should be exercised just like any other part of your body. In the last two weeks I have noticed my chin area is tighter and more relaxed looking. I am looking forward to continuing my Face Yoga journey and having my face begin to catch up to my body. Who knew you could get a free face lift anytime and anywhere?

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