Spa-at-Home: Hanacure for Your Best Home Facial Ever

The Hanacure All in One Facial Set is one of the more popular home facials right now because it’s a solution for hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, dull complexions, and enlarged pores.

I received a home facial set — which is a simple 3-step solution that promises to deliver professional-grade results in 15 minutes. I tried it, and this is what happened:

1. – First, cleanse and dry your face. Then carefully open the Octolift ampoule by aligning your thumb with the downward arrow, push upward the lift cap, then carefully pull all the way back. Really make sure that you follow instructions for this one, or you will not be able to open the capsule or you may break it (that’s almost what happened to me!).

2. – Pop up the rubber cap

3. – Peel the corner foil of the Octolift Solution back to the dotted line and pour all contents of the ampoule into the solution to create the purifying compound.

4. – Reseal by firmly holding the corner edge of the solution and shake for 20 seconds to allow the gel to form.
5. – Then seize the Hanacure brush, apply gel evenly to the face, neck, and even the back of your hands. Avoid contact with eyes though you may apply some of the gel below your eyes. Avoid contact with lips, too. The Nanoemulsion will feel silky as you apply it to your skin.

6. – Let dry for 15 minutes. Try not to move your face to maximize effects. You will feel a lot of pulling and tightening but stay put, it is worth the little discomfort.

7. – Rinse face, neck, hands, and brush thoroughly with warm water after 15 minutes.
After the face is dry, examine your skin in the mirror. Do you still see your pores? It seemed to me that my skin had no more pores and my complexion was unusually even and fresh-looking with less visible lines or imperfections. Even the lines around my mouth seemed less acute.

8. Apply the Hanacure Nano Emulsion Moisturizer. It will feel like a cloud on your skin, silky and softening.The Hanacure Moisturizer uses nanotechnology, allowing the ingredients to be rapidly delivered and absorbed with the lightest possible texture. Look at yourself again… your skin is smooth, glowing, more elastic and youthful-looking. It is extraordinarily soft.

Hanacure produces all ingredients entirely in-house. They are clinically tested, dermatologist-approved and hypoallergenic. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrance, or artificial colorants are added. Referred to as the #TheHanacureEffect, it has already garnered millions of fans, including the Kardashians and Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

97% of participants in a clinical study agree that Hanacure is the most effective treatment they have ever used and felt happier and more confident after using Hanacure for 4 weeks.

Try it yourself or gift it to your mom for Mother’s Day HERE.