Spa: At-Home Manicures Made Easy With the Lola

During the pandemic, many people have resorted to self-administered manicures and pedicures to avoid the salons. The pandemic is not over, and learning how to take care of your nails yourself is really a no-brainer as long as you use the right tools. A new device that I love is the Lola by Fancii & Co. It allows you to master the art of the home manicure and pedicure very easily. I have never been able to give myself a perfect manicure at home — but with this tool, I was amazed at how easily I could buff, prep my nails, and have them shine in no time.

The Lola is a 6-in-1 tool with 6 heads to alternate the different challenges of a smooth manicure or pedicure.

The 6 different attachments include:
-Sandpaper head – for calluses and sanding
-Coarse grinder – for shortening and shaping
-Fine grinder – for smoothing
-Needle head – for cuticles
-Tapered head – for lines and ridges
-Felt buffer – for shine

You can easily rotate the tool around to reach edges and corners. You will be amazed at how much buffing it can handle and how smooth and clean your toes will look after use. Try it on natural, gel, or acrylic nails. Operated with a rechargeable battery, you can order it for yourself or for Mother’s Day. It makes a useful and special gift that any busy mom will appreciate. Find it at

To add to your Lola, gift your mom a couple of Kiss New York Professional Quick Dry Nail Polish bottles. The New Spring shades include Like To Mauve It or Lavish to flatter any look. They apply flawlessly and dry instantly without messing up. Top off your nails with a glossy shine to help seal the color for a long-lasting manicure, then use the Lola buffer felt to bring even more shine. Find Kiss Nails hottest new hues at