Spa at Home: Pamper Summer Skin from Head to Toe

If your skin is a bit weather-beaten at this point in the summer, try these products to revive and hydrate dry, sensitive skin from your head to your toes:

Eco Lips makes a variety of lip balm in yummy flavors like Peppermint, Berry and Pomegranate. It also has a fantastic, moisturizing Hand & Body Balm in a stick. The Hand & Body Balm only takes a little to alleviate dry skin and give you a glow. I carry it everywhere and use it any time my skin is dry.

The Cure Best Seller Kit with Cure Aqua Gel and Cure Water Treatment will keep your face hydrated throughout the summer and beyond. The Cure Aqua Gel is an amazing dry exfoliator that needs no water to get rid of dry skin on your face. I absolutely adore how it gently leaves my skin smooth and silky with no irritation. The Cure Water Treatment is a gel that creates a water effect for your skin to drink. Together, these products get rid of flaky, dry skin, and boost moisture. and

Spongelle Hand Defense is a buffer sponge infused with shea butter, oat flour, glycerin, thyme, and tea tree essential oils for the many times you wash your hands each day. Use one for everyone in your house to maintain sanitary conditions.

For the Biome Shield Face Serum protects the skin from environmental stressors, including blue light radiation. The serum also helps to balance the skin and allow it to regenerate even under stressful conditions. The protecting and hydrating ingredients include, astaxanthin, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil and chamomile.

The Bare + Bloom Puffer Buffer Under Eye Serum is perfection for my under-eye area. The serum is ultra- hydrating and works to reduce dark circles and puffy skin under the eyes. It is a concentrated serum with rosehip, jojoba, and olive oils, as well as Vitamin E and arnica flower. Keep it in the refrigerator for the best cooling experience on a hot day.

Nectar Bath Treats has a Peachy Lemon Bubble Bath Scoop Sundae that looks like scoops of ice cream in a cup and makes luxurious scented bubbles. These little scoops also hydrate your skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil as you soak.

If your skin is mature, like mine, and you need the ultimate in tightening and moisturizing, look no further than FactorFive Regenerative Serum and Anti-aging Cream. I immediately noticed a smoother and tighter appearance in my skin when I began using it. The serum and cream are formulated with human stem cell growth factors to help regenerate your skin.