Spa-at-Home with Navinka Skincare, Printfresh + Raw, Organic Sheabrand

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”— Anne Lamott

Self-care is important! Especially these days in 2022. To that end, we recommend the following:

Printfresh has a gorgeous selection of cotton robes, long and short pajamas, house dresses and more for spring and summer at-home spa days in distinctive garden, herbal, fruit, jungle, and animal prints. The designs are so incredibly lovely that you’ll want every one of them! We love the Orange Grove print for summer. The robes and pajamas tend to be roomy and feel light and comfortable, so they’re ideal for traveling and for spending summer weekends away because they’re so casually elegant. Definitely one of our favorite pajama brands, Printfresh uses high quality 100% cotton poplin, and it makes a difference. Find summer T-shirts on the site in various colors, too.

Price: Robes – $148

Available: HERE

Navinka Skincare
Unmask vibrant, supple and velvety soft skin with Navinka’s Vibrancy (Un)Mask, which delivers an ultra-concentrated dose of rich nutrients. Rife with minerals and omega fatty acids, borage and pumpkin seed oils penetrate deeply to restore moisture and lift up tired skin. Chaga mushroom extract delivers betulinic acid, which restores elasticity, while Aronia Berry and Bilberry prevent UV damage and strengthen collagen with a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants. It takes only 10 minutes to revive skin and have it well-nourished, strong, and invigorated. Best aspect: you can do this at home! SKIN TYPES: Normal, Dry, Mature, Sensitive. Try the Navinka Skincare Clarity (Un)Mask, too.

Price: $65

Available: HERE

Shea’s Raw Organic Shea Butters deliver Vitamin E-enriched, hand-whipped shea butter along with the finest quality essential oils in Lavender, Rose, Woodland, Jasmine, and Unscented for a skin-softening at-home treat. Lavender Shea is clean and calming, yet invigorating, offering a truly long-lasting and ultra-nourishing experience as you’re transported to the lavender fields of Provence in the south of France. Rose Shea evokes the summery, sun-drenched rose petals of a wild garden, Jasmine Shea imparts an elegant white flower Jasmine essence that rivals any sophisticated fragrance, and Woodland takes you on an olfactory stroll through a dense forest on a foggy day. Great for dry, fatigued skin and sore muscles, this is a complex scent made with cedarwood and bergamot that imparts a comforting warmth. If you prefer Unscented, then simply benefit from the nourishing shea butter and Vitamin E. These shea butters can be blended together to create varying degrees of signature scents to suit your mood and occasion.

Price: $8 for 1-ounce tins / $18 for 3.5-ounce tins

Available: HERE

POP Fortune: You never regret stopping to smell the roses.


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