Spa Gifts That Keep Giving

Merry, Cheery and Bubbly! – Calming CBD Soaking Salts
Bath cravings come on strong during the winter. Floating in warm water, a candle lit, snacking on some fruit while I soak. Bath salts are a huge part of my bath ritual, so when I had an opportunity to try Vena bath salts, I squealed with delight! Vena’s products all contain CBD, which is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. The Calming CBD Soaking Salts were no different, as I added a scoop to some of the hot bath water. The lavender and camomile scent steamed into my face as I mixed the salt into the water. It was as fragrant as a spa, which is fitting, since these bath salts are spa-grade quality. I unrobed, slipped into the tub, and closed my eyes. I felt the CBD at work as my muscles eased up. Pure bliss, I tell you. It was over all too soon… I toweled off and the fragrance lingered on my skin. Speaking of skin, I was so soft. Thanks to Vena I’m already dreaming of my next bath.

Brittle Skin, Be Gone!
So much hand-washing during this time of the year. I wash and wash, dry and dry, and my goodness, my hands! They suffer. No matter how much lotion I apply, they still end up dry. I learned a trick about sealing in the moisture in the moisture barrier of our skin, though: I tried EltaMD Moisturizer, and it did the trick. It contains petrolatum, which aids in moisture retention and paraffin. Perfect for sensitive skin types and those that struggle with dryness. First wash your hands, blot with a towel or shake them off a bit, then grab some oil, apply it, then slather on EltaMD Moisturizer. Put on some gloves, wait a bit, and your hands will bounce back to life. Full of hydration and soooo soft. Grab a tube today for this winter season.