SPA-in-Place with YUNI Beauty’s Natural Bounty

Brand Back Story
In 2012, after two decades as corporate beauty executives, the YUNI Beauty founders quit their jobs to be Yoga teachers. Then they saw that Athleisure was burgeoning in fashion, but not in beauty and took an opportunity to fill that gap in the market. They knew that people want transparent, healthy brands with integrity that fit seamlessly into active lifestyles…and thus, YUNI was born.

The Yuni Shower Sheets are handier than you would imagine, especially in summer, and particularly if you work out. They’re great after yoga or cardio, useful after hiking, biking, or at the beach, double as a napkin or wipe when necessary, smell great, and are non-toxic. Definitely a purse and travel essential! Try Peppermint Cucumber or Rose Cucumber.

My Om World Aromatic Body Mist is such a treat for the nose that you’ll want to spray it on pillows, your blouse, yoga mats, your feet, curtains… anything to retain its goodness. And the Tranquility Pillow Spray is equally nose-pleasing. It’s a soothing blend of rose, sage, and pettigrain that smells very much like orange blossom to me, and yet there’s no reason why it should. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic and also recommended for traveling.

Yuni Zenicure is a rejuvenating facial oil that’s deeply nourishing and enriching for skin. Place a few dabs on. your fingertips and massage into temples, cheekbones, jawline, and neck for a self-administered spa moment. It has a 100% natural aroma and natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize upon demand… right at your fingertips.

Say Yes to Heavenly Celestial Jelly
The Yunicorn Mask is the most fun you can have with a facial mask since it contains glitter, clean beauty ingredients, and because it’s also a luminescent cleanser. This non-stripping formulation purifies and revitalizes your skin as a mask-cleanser. Its unique, gel-to-milk blend lifts away dirt and impurities to render skin silken smooth; it contains sea lavender, rice bran, and honeysuckle for a surge of restoring moisture and a radiant glow. Indulge in this quick, one-minute mask ritual daily or after a vigorous workout to calm and detoxify skin. It is indeed celestial and other-worldly in its efficacy.

Yuni Beauty has so much more to offer for travel, gifts, hair care, body care, skin care, sleep products, and relaxation. Shop it all HERE.


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