Spa Products for Glowing Winter Skin

Maintain that summer smooth and glowing skin from head to toe all winter with these great skincare products. Each one is like a spa for a different body part. They will make sure your skin does not look neglected when the summer sun comes out.

NYL Skincare has a rich Body Balm that will keep your skin well hydrated and protected all winter. No need to worry about dry skin with this balm containing organic kokum butter, shea butter, tamanu oil and calendula extract. I use it directly after the bath or shower and my skin is glowing for a long time afterwards.


DMK Limited is the skincare line developed by Danne Montague-King, an expert in the skincare field. These products are designed to rebuild, protect and maintain the skin with unique formulations that work with the body’s own chemistry. I especially love the spray on product, Wetter than Water, an instantly hydrating emulsion to revive your skin any time of day throughout the winter. The Elevate Neck & Décolleté Crème is also a must have this winter. A little goes a long way with DMK so you don’t need much to get superb results.


Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs are my go-to body scrubs throughout the year. Try seasonal scrubs in Limited Edition Marshmallow Lodge and Frosted Sugar Cookie, to get you through the winter with smooth, silky skin. All of these scrubs are mild on the skin, with sugar and shea butter, as well as heavenly scents that linger on your body. No moisturizer or perfume is required. I am truly obsessed and can’t be without these scrubs.

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SkinSuit by Skin Authority is just what you need to form a barrier between your skin and the elements this winter. SkinSuit for face and lips protects your skin from pollution, harmful UV rays as well as blue light from computers and cell phones. I started using the SkinSuit for lips every day and already notice my lips are smoother and not as dry and peeling. My lipstick looks awesome now. I know using all winter will be a game changer for me, as I struggle with chapped lips.  


Honest Hazel Eye Gels feel like gel and stick under your eyes so you can do anything while they are working their magic. I like to put them in the refrigerator before applying them to get an extra tightening feeling from them. They are formulated with cactus collagen, aloe vera and vitamins C and E to give your eyes the ultimate hydration.


The Skin Saint Dream Eye Cream really is a dream. If you also battle dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, try this cream and look like you slept twelve hours. It is hard for me to find an eye cream that helps my dark circles and puffiness, but this one is a lifesaver. Use it day and night and you will begin to see results. Your eyes will thank you after a tough winter.


Cellulite may not be the first thing on your mind during the winter months, but it is the perfect time to massage and treat your cellulite areas so that by summer all you need is a tan. Spend all winter using Cheeky Physique Cellulite Firming Body Oil for cellulite twice a day and combine that with the Cheeky Physique Cupping massage. Just use the handy plastic cups that create suction on your skin and cup your way to smoother skin. I am committed to using this treatment to combat my cellulite this winter, so I am not afraid to show my thighs this summer.


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