‘Sparty-ing’ Bachelorette Style

They all seem the same, right? 10 of your closest friends all clad in skinny jeans and glittery tops, indulging on phallic-shaped food and paraphernalia and daring a veil-adorned guest of honor to urge fellow bar patrons to ‘suck for a buck’. Classy, eh? Well, if you want a little less ‘girls gone wild’ and a little more New York City sophistication for that next bachelorette party, http://www.spa-party.com has the perfect option for you.

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Launched in 2002, Sparty! Is an event planning company that blends the fun of partying with the luxury of spa-going. Founder Alexis Ufland says, “I wanted to bring spa services to a social setting. I no longer wanted to drink Green Tea and listen to Enya. I wanted to have a glass of wine and maybe some chocolate, get a manicure, hang out with my girlfriends, gossip, get a massage, listen to my favorite music all at the same time… and Ta Da! Sparty! was born!”

Sparty! plans both corporate and private events. And it’s not uncommon for their loyal clients to have a bachelorette party there one year and follow up a couple of years later with a baby shower! You can bring the Sparty to you and enjoy Sparty mobile-spa style, but it’s hard not to resist their fabulous party-perfect loft space on 20th Street and Park Avenue in New York City.

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The bride-to-be and her bachelorettes can shed those uncomfortable going-out clothes and get ultra comfy in fluffy white robes and slippers. Sipping exotic cocktails like the ‘Diamond Ring Sling’, the ‘Mai Bride’ and ‘The Virgin’, Sparty-goers will, over the course of 3 hours, indulge in a variety of spa services. You can sneak off from the gossiping gals for a relaxing chair massage and then join them for champagne and pedicures. Like the best circuit training ever, you can jump from one station to the next and enjoy cleverly named mini-services like the ‘Veil Ale’ (custom facial), the ‘Marquis Manicure’ and the ‘Platinum Pedicure’.

Guests at an L.A. Bachelorette Sparty!

Party hostesses can choose from 2 options, the Sparty Stations (described above) or the Sparty Spa Day (where guests privately enjoy full service spa treatments). Sparty will transform the space (their own loft or your home, office, hotel room, etc.) into a spa with candles, flowers, spa supplies, spa equipment and uniformed staff. For the perfect theme-appropriate decorative touch, Tiffany boxes adorn the table, which is filled with deliciously catered treats and goody bags (optional).

Of course, if you feel like a bachelorette party is just not complete without them, go ahead and bring on the exotic male dancers! Or perhaps you’ll opt to learn a new skill – how about doing some yoga, belly dancing or burlesque? Sparty! could probably even accommodate a pole dancing class!

Packages start from $145/person and the company can plan events in 10 cities including NYC, LA, Miami, DC, Vegas and San Francisco. Cocktails and manicures with your BFFS? What better way to celebrate?

SPARTY! Corporate offices:
39 East 20th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003
T: 646.736.1777
F: 646.736.1778