Take a Chill Pill and Relax at Haven Spa

The body treatment called the Chill Pill, at Haven Spa, is just what you need to get through the dreary winter. I recently experienced this invigorating, full body scrub that combines exfoliation, a moisturizing lotion, a dose of CBD and a final cooling and tingling sensation to get you on your way.

This 30-minute treatment packs a healthy dose of relaxation. To get the optimum amount of scrubbing I wore the disposable panties and allowed my esthetician to scrub around my breasts. The exfoliation is gentle and does not scratch, even with the light massage
that accompanies the scrub. I wanted to keep the scrub on forever but eventually it had to be washed off. It’s great that you don’t have to stand up and can be rinsed off while continuing to relax.

Next, I was dried, and lotion was massaged into my skin. I was thoroughly relaxed and began to feel the cooling sensation of the lotion. It was like an inner air conditioner that was so effective I needed some hot tea before going outside. My skin stayed smooth and hydrated for days afterwards. I was amazed at this treatment and highly recommend it for any time of year to invigorate and hydrate your skin. Once is not enough. I must do this again during the summer. What could be better than inner air conditioning? For more information, visit, www.havenspanyc.com.

Haven Spa
250 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012