Taking a Spa Vacation…at Home

You take down your carry-on luggage from the top of your closet in preparation for that annoying jet-lag inducing business trip. As your wheelie Tumi suitcase smacks you on the top of your head, some leftover sand from your last jaunt to the beach sifts out onto your floor and you catch a glimpse of your last luggage tag taunting you in big, black print with the words destination Hawaii. How depressing. Yet with the click of a few keys on your keyboard, you could feel as though you’re right back in that cabana, getting a massage at sunset, sipping a Mai Tai. Whether you long for the slopes of Vermont, the desert air of Arizona or the tropics of Maui, your favorite destination spas are making it a bit easier to get through those ‘in between vacation’ months.


Honua products from Hotel Maui

Want to recreate that honeymoon beachfront massage at sunset? Take home some of Hotel Hana Maui’s Honua Exotic tropical massage & body oil that leaves the skin soft and silky. The virgin coconut oil, grapeseed oil along with sandalwood, ginger & vanilla essential oils will transport you into a tropical paradise. Hotel Hana Maui offers a full line of its own spa products including shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and my personal favorite, the tropically fragrant Honua Spa Lotion with sandalwood, ginger, coconut & vanilla essential oils. Visit www.hotelhanamaui.com or Honua to order online.


Alvadora Spa products from Royal Palms Resort and Spa

For the ultimate in the kind of relaxation that you can only find in a desert oasis, just twist the cap to a perfectly packaged lotion, shampoo, oil or shower gel from Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Each product is infused with the spa’s signature scent of neroli, which comes from the fragrant bitter orange blossom and produces one of the most cherished and expensive oils in the botanical kingdom. Neroli’s benefits are both physical and emotional. It is exceptional for hydrating, soothing and oxygenating the skin and a calming, slightly’ hypnotic’ effect that helps alleviate anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia. Products are available at www.royalpalmsresortandspa.com, in their online boutique or by calling 1-800-672-6011.


Spa Products from The Greenbrier

For the spa connoisseur who likes a little history, The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia offers a range of fabulous vacation activities including golf and culinary classes. But here at Beauty News, we’re just concerned with the spa, right? Well, now you can indulge in their exclusive Black Walnut Scrub and White Tea and Citrus Products. And the Greenbrier Finishing Lotion is perfect after any exfoliating treatment. It is specially formulated from shea butter, sunflower seed oil and most noticeably, rose hips (for those romantics out there). This ultra-absorbing moisturizer contains botanical extracts and antioxidants to revitalize even the driest and most sensitive of skin. Visit www.greenbrier.com for more information on how to purchase these products.


Spa Products from Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa

There’s really nothing like a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a relaxing massage after a long day hitting those double diamond ski slopes of Vermont. The Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa sells their exclusive line of spa products at their award-winning spa located in Stowe, Vermont. One of the most popular products is the Vermont Maple Body Scrub which is used in their signature Vermont Maple Body Polish treatment at the spa. Visit www.stoweflake.com or call 802-760-1083 to order over the phone.


Red Lane Spa Products by Sandals Resorts

For those Caribbean queens, the Red Lane Spas of Sandals Resorts have a full line of spa products featuring ingredients indigenous to the region, like Jamaica’s-own Blue Mountain coffee, exotic sweet Ortanique oranges, local honey and almonds, natural island cane sugar and other tropical delicacies. At Sandals Resorts, Red Lane Spas have honed the art of romantic couples’ treatments. You can experience Red Lane Spa’s Signature Bath and Body line in three luxury aromatherapy fragrances – Caribbean Sunrise, a unique blend of fruity mango with a hint of sweet coconut; Island Essence, a refreshing blend of lemongrass, ginger and green tea; and Tropical Breeze, rejuvenating green pear and pineapple mixed with a hint of cucumber. Visit www.sandals.com, click gift shop or call 1-800-Sandals (1-800-726-3257) for further information.

With these hotel-inspired spa products at your fingertips, you can recreate the memories of your last luxuriating vacation right in your very own bathroom.

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