The Best Summer On-the-Go Spa Products

Summer is still going strong, and these products will give you the spa feeling while traveling or lounging at home. With hot temperatures and living in air conditioning, our skin needs even more moisture and pampering this summer.

Fancy Face, a Canadian beauty brand, led by beauty expert Brittany Gray, was founded in 2006 to educate and empower women to embrace their “fancy.” The Fancy Face Supermodel Lip Bath in Strawberry Strut is a collagen lip mask and lip balm all in one. It is a must have product for dry summer lips. I am obsessed with how it hydrates and really improves the texture of my lips immediately. It comes in a little pot with a hidden tool to dip into the pot and apply to your lips, which is perfect for pandemic times when we do not want to use our fingers to touch our lips. Another great product is the Poetry in Potion Serum, which alleviates dryness, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is so light and excellent for summer, with ingredients, including, 24k gold flecks, hyaluronic acid, and Rose Damascena Flower water. I love the way it plumps up my skin.

Get full eyebrows and eyelashes on the go with AMIDA Mantra Brow Serum and Mantra Lash Serum. I have been using these products religiously over the summer and already see a difference, especially with my sparse eyebrows. The eyebrow serum has over 15 active botanical plants, vitamins and herbs, including, castor seed oil, rosemary, apple stem cell, ginseng, horsetail and green tea. The eyelash serum includes a blend of, licorice root, hyaluronic acid, pentapeptide and rose. Both serums are easy to apply on the go, with great results in just a few weeks.

Ama Sea Beauty has a unique brand of products that hydrate and relax summer skin. Created by Antoinette Marquez, an ocean farmer and Thalasso therapist, along with her team of ocean conservationists, the brand lives and breathes its products. Using Ama Sea Beauty products makes me feel like I am in an ocean spa.

The products incorporate Thalassotherapy, which is the therapeutic application of sea water, and plants to rejuvenate and heal the skin. The Sea Scrub and Sea Tea Bath Bags have been my bath staples to soothe, hydrate and pamper my skin this summer. I love to bathe in the Sea Tea Bags, infused with a variety of California seaweeds and marine nutrients. An actual strip of dried seaweed comes with the Sea Tea and can be used to exfoliate your skin. I enjoy using it along with the Sea Scrub to make my skin ultra-smooth. The Sea Scrub is made with California solar salt, French sea salt, brown and red seaweed, and butterfly pea flower. It is so gentle that you can even use it on your face.

Pressology’s Jasmine Rose Water spray is the perfect summer product to hydrate sensitive skin. It is a multitasking gem of a mist, that can be used to tone, protect and balance your skin’s pH. Jasmine Rosewater is also great to use under your makeup, and as a setting spray. I love the scent of this mist, which is made with organic jasmine, rose flower petals and glycerin. Jasmine can also improve your mood, so it gives you an aromatherapy session with one spritz. The ingredients are so simple, yet this spray serves so many purposes. You will want to stash a bottle in your bag wherever you go. I will not leave home without it this summer.

FaTH skincare products were launched last May, by Founder Faith Appleton, with ingredients exquisitely cultivated around the world and bottled in small batches at Faith’s New England Farm and Formulary. These products are so pure and concentrated that you only need to use a touch to revive and hydrate your skin. If your skin has taken a beating this summer with too much sun, The Mage Oil is like a magic potion that will turn around the look and texture of your skin. This oil is packed with amazing botanical ingredients, including, jasmine flower oil, ylang-ylang oil, pomegranate oil, red raspberry oil, cypress leaf oil, prickly pear oil and spirulina extract. For particularly dry skin, the Infinity Cream is great to use at night to help promote the growth of new skin cells while you sleep. Also chock-full of botanical ingredients, this rich cream will transform your skin.

Hair removal is a key part of most summer beauty routines, and I rely on the Joy Razor, and Glee Cucumber Shave Gel with Aloe. These Joy products are great quality for a low price. The razor never irritates or cuts my skin. The Cucumber Shave Gel is thick and really protects and moisturizes your skin. You only need a little, so it lasts a long time.