The Scent of Sun-Kissed Fields and Beaches—Indoors

Of the three Coastals pure essential oil aromas created by Canopy, their Sea Glass signature blend is my daily aromatic “fix.” This intoxicating blend of crisp juicy pear, peony, and grapefruit essential oils infuses indoor air with a bright, airy aroma that’s not perfumy or excessively sweet. If I’m in the mood for more intense scent, I reach for Beach Flower, a warm and inviting botanical blend, reminding me of Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Women perfume. This signature aroma diffuses musky, woodsy fragrance notes perfectly complemented by the distinctively citrus scent of bergamot. Finally, there’s musky, earthy White Sands. Jasmine lovers will adore this seductive blend’s jasmine and citrus bouquet.

All in all, Canopy has created a well-rounded, vegan, cruelty-free collection of pure essential oils manufactured without sulfates, mineral oils, or synthetic dyes. Find them HERE.


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia writer who reports on lifestyle topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food, travel, entertainment, and home decor. Rachelle has written several fictional mystery and detective ebooks as well as a journal/creative writing print workbook. Her latest detective genre ebook will be released this summer.