Welcome to the Farm

Despite being a little girl from a big city, I do love a cow. When I see goats frolicking I squeal. Piglets have my heart. And I’m known to wave at all dogs in cars, no matter the time or place. Farmhouse Fresh gets it. This Texas-based-woman-founded brand does all it can to recuse skincare and critters; 10% of each purchase donated to their animal farm sanctuary. On their website you can punch in the numbers found on the bottom of your Farmhouse Fresh product to see the cuties you’ve helped to have a better life! I’m already in love, and it doesn’t stop there. Farmhouse Fresh products have made my past few days tres luxurious.

Here are the goods on this country brand:

Whoopie! Body Wash

Ain’t nothing better than an out-of-the-oven-freshly-frosted Whoopie Pie. I sink my teeth into the ones from the local market and forget alllllll about the calories. I’ll make it up in the gym later. And perfect for me, I can keep up that whoopie fix with Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie! Body Wash. Zero guilt, with all the sweetness of velvety cream that keeps on coming. This wash is creamy and contains aloe, vitamin E, green tea, and a whole host of other skin benefits. I like to use this before bed to curb my sweet tooth.

Honey Heel Glaze

Speaking of sweet tooth, the Honey Heel Glaze is my sugar fix. It’s made with actual honey that helps to soften and pamper my toes and heels at any time. I apply it before bed, usually with some thick wool socks and wake up to soft feet that I playfully rub against my dogs. They even take a few licks and I have to stop them. But I never blame them because hey… it does smell incredible.

Fluffy Bunny Travel Spray Perfume

To smell like a mint-lavender cream puff as I spritz Fluffy Bunny Travel Spray Perfume everywhere I go. On my way to the store, spritz, to the movies, spritz, to a hot date to my chiropractor, double spritz. I can’t help but smile when I smell it on my coat or in my hair, or when I’m doing laundry. Especially then, I take an extra deep whiff!

Mellow Moon Dip Relaxation Body Mousse

Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easily or when it does, my muscles are screaming out in pain. I reach for Mellow Moon Dip Relaxation Body Mousse to save the night. Fluffy cream texture makes it heavenly to smooth over my body, really working into those kinks around my calves. Each 8oz jar has 600mg of CBD that transports me to a cloudy palace of dreamland. Plus. the lemon cream scent is to die for! Farmhouse Fresh has done it again.