Whip Up Custom Skin Care Products at The St. Ives Mixing Bar

Where can you design your own body cream or scrub and have it made right before your eyes? At The St. Ives Mixing Bar, an ingenious pop-up shop, where you can try out different products and choose the ones you like. Then, just go to the mixing bar where you can literally watch the product being mixed with each fresh ingredient.

When you enter the store, which is only opened until September 15th, you see a garden wall filled with all of the natural ingredients used in the St. Ives products. There are bath bombs, hand creams, lip scrubs, body lotions and creams and body scrubs galore. Take a survey to decide what kind of product you might want, and then try the products yourself at a sink in the back. I spent a good amount of time scrubbing, rinsing, and slathering on creams of various scents, before deciding on the one I loved.

At the mixing bar, I watched the lovely mixologist, wearing a lab coat and goggles, whip up my body lotion in an actual Ninja blender. So cool. You can customize the lotion by choosing rich or light consistency or to add shimmer or not, to your selection. I walked out with a jar of freshly mixed, still warm, rich Kiwi Passionfruit Body Lotion with a hint of shimmer, and I had a dose of aromatherapy that carried me through the rest of the afternoon.

The St, Ives Mixing Bar
168 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010