Ice Skating Guide for 2023

Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink
Though the holidays have passed, there’s always room for winter festivities. Ice skating is how I hold onto that seasonal spirit. I went to Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park with my bestie, Liza, to enjoy the Rothman Orthopaedics ice skating rink. It was a quick wait to get our wristbands and ice skates, and we were off to the ice. There was a mix of folks: families, couples, and college kids, ideal for people watching. Liza and I held hands as we spun, ‘round and ‘round. The sparkling lights above my head twinkled as I enjoyed the pop hits from Taylor Swift playing in the background (hello Anti-hero). Afterwards we grabbed some hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream) from the heated cafe on-site. A perfect January day in my eyes.

Off-Ice Skates

Now, I can’t always go skating year round, but I can with Off-Ice Skates. This UK brand has innovated ice skates for, well, off the ice! Easy to use and super fun to glide around anywhere! I get to practice my moves at my local park or while walking my dogs. Staying fit while having a blast is important to leading a healthy life in 2023. If you’re interested in getting a pair, check out their package deal that includes Wrist Guards, Spinner, Water Bottle and Resistance Band. Accessories to complete your skating journey!

Streetwise Security Ladies Choice 21,000,000 Stun Gun with Alarm & Disable Pin

Safety is paramount when skating (knee pads are my best friend). But also physical safety; for example, when skating into the evening or at empty parks. Female Defense Products provides me with a way to stay safe with their stun guns. Streetwise Security Ladies Choice comes with a built in alarm and safety pin (meaning if it’s not attached the stun gun won’t work). I can clip it onto my coat while skating and have peace of mind while traveling at night. They have a range of products to choose from to make 2023 the year of protection and confidence.


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