Learn to Communicate Better with Your Horse with Mia Lykke

A special horse clinic took place at the Kaaterskill/strong> in Catskill, New York, on November 16-18 and November 19-21 with Mia Lykke Nielsen.

Mia Lykke, a top European horse trainer, demonstrated her innovative training method based on behavioral psychology. A self-professed “ambassador of the horse,“ Mia came to New York for the first time. Known to never say no to taking on a steed – no matter how difficult – Mia is a key figure in a larger international wave of natural horsemanship. This clinic provided a unique opportunity for anyone interested in learning her Rider Horse method.

From her Danish farm in Southwest Zealand, Mia trains, rehabilitates and backs horses for clients. She also travels around Europe giving lectures and holding clinics at stables specialized in all kinds of disciplines. Mia’s method is: “When the Horse chooses.” This occurs when both rider and horse communicate differently and better. All riders, including those in high-end competitions for jumping, dressage, western events, etc., can learn tremendously from the clinic to improve their communication with their horse.

Mia has many years of work and experience in classical dressage and academic training in equine anatomy and biomechanics and horse owners all over the Nordic countries send their horses to Mia. Young horses, show horses, jumping horses, wild horses, dangerous horses, misunderstood horses, problem horses and abandoned horses all end up in Mia’s care.

The Katterskill Farm, Cattskill, NY

Mia’s method is based on the horse’s natural behavior. This is the behavior that horses are born with, and the behavior that all horses perceive as their natural way of communicating. By adopting their language and watching their way of conducting themselves, Mia invites the horses to follow her and to partake in activities with her. Once that the horse has chosen to do so, there is no need to coax or push them.

In this clinic, people learned to forge a new relationship with their horse and to make their horse happier in the future. This collaboration between Mia Lykke, the Kaaterskill Inn and the Catskill Equestrian Center was a unique opportunity for any rider to learn how to foster this superior communication. The event was so successful that Mia is planning to return next year. Don’t miss it! Put it on your calendar now.

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