Travel: 5 Products To Smooth Your Trip

Here are some laudable items that can truly make a difference in your comfort level when traveling, and you’ll wonder how you ever ventured without them:

You undoubtedly have a checklist of desirable features for luggage that includes a lightweight structure that folds easily, a roomy interior, a handle and wheels for easy transport, compartmentalized pockets, a preferred color or pattern, and an uber-stylish design. Cue the Hallelujah chorus: Biaggi luggage fits the bill perfectly with its line of sleek luggage that travels big and stores small. The colors are luscious, and the array of sizes and types of luggage is comprehensive. Choose your personal faves at

The Count Me Healthy Bracelet Collection by designer Chelsea Charles is a beautifully inventive way to keep track of whatever you please while traveling. It can be a mile counter while running on the road, a snack or hors d’oeuvres counter, number of postcards to send, number of business projects to complete, or ____ (you fill in the blank). The bracelets are elegant and of high quality, crafted with rose gold, sterling silver, 14K gold, and mixed metals — so no one has to know you’re cleverly tracking something right on your wrist. Peruse to see the lineup and read about the various celebs tracking goals or counting their blessings.

The Keizus Quadropod & Clamp is a flexible mount for all mobile devises and cameras that seems to be part tripod, part bendable action figure. Relax with hands-free viewing when you travel, and use Keizus as a steady mount for your pro-like vacation shots. It’s ideal in airplanes for watching movies on your iPad or laptop, in airports for working on the fly, and for listening to music poolside. Legs and arms detach from the product’s body and the clamp’s width can be adjusted to suit your needs. You’ll love this! Get it at

People tend to crave good luck while traveling, and sometimes they need it for erratic plane schedules, missed trains and boats, lost luggage, and inclement weather. Clip your favorite fortune, goal, reminder or quote to your luggage with the new Fortune Keeper kit, found at in dozens of different styles, or wear it in the form of a bracelet or necklace. When the turbulence kicks in high above Earth, you can look down at your wrist and remind yourself “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” You could even place a few lines from your wedding vows or your favorite poem in your Fortune Keeper for the journey.

When you’re traveling solo and waiting for a plane, you’ll appreciate the Master Lock Laptop Lock each time you want to quickly dash off for a coffee or a snack. It’s also great for hotel suites, basking poolside, and for cafes. With more than 10,000 possible alpha and numeric combinations, you can feel secure when you take a break to get a pumpkin latte. Find it at

Bon Voyage!

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