Travel: In the Bag

Small things can make a difference when you’re traveling: the right book, a quick fix, or something small-but-mighty to make your trip easier. Here are some things to pack for a smoother sail:

The Book of Chinese Proverbs will provide ample food for thought on planes, trains, and in automobiles. Pass the time pondering Eastern wisdom and drawing useful life conclusions.
Chinese culture is one of the oldest and richest in history, and the amount of wisdom is offers is broader than the Great Wall of China. From Confucius to Laozi to Sun Tzu, various Chinese philosophers and their teachings have influenced Chinese culture, and have permeated the globe. The Book of Chinese Proverbs features more than 1000 of the greatest insights, organized to be accessible and informative for today’s readers. The Book of Chinese Proverbs is distributed by Penguin Random House and was edited by Gerd De Ley.

An immediate fix for hair roots on the road is the No Gray Quick Fix color brush, similar to a mascara wand, that instantly covers gray roots for 5 hues (brown/black, brown, light brown, red, and light blonde) and is waterproof. Small and ideal for on-the-go fixes, you can pick this up and read more at This easily fits in your pocket.

People can feel the effects of traveling across time zones for up to 6 days, but the physiological impacts can last up to 11 days. It’s imperative to practice healthy habits to reduce the risks of jet lag and frequent travel and avoid cumulative effects that can be precursors to long-term health consequences. If you feel like you can’t sleep while traveling, an effective way to maintain circadian balance is to slowly start adjusting your schedule to match the new time zone in advance (for example, eating dinner at an earlier time that coordinates with your destination). RestoreZ natural sleep supplements are designed to help reset your circadian rhythm so you can deal with the effect of jet lag more effectively. Even if you have trouble adjusting to a new time zone, a balanced circadian rhythm will help you feel better on less sleep until your body finally does adjust. Learn more about the full line of RestoreZ natural sleep aids. Read more and order here:

Happy Trails!

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