Travel: Lo & Sons and Vive Wear

Here are two incredible brands for traveling near or far ~ around the block for now, and eventually around the world (fingers crossed, 2021!).

Lo and Sons has improved and perfected the mask with The All Day Comfort Face Mask. Its clever design enables you to adjust your mask with built-in cloth levers, rather than touching your mask and spreading germs. This non-medical mask also has a built-in neck strap too, so there’s no worries about setting it down or losing it. Available in black and navy, this is a mask that you can indeed wear all day and remain comfortable. The cotton is soft and thick, and feels plush and pampering on your skin. These masks contain an added layer of fabric that can be removed for more breathability, and they can be pulled down to your chin with a cloth loop when drinking or eating. Shop HERE.

The 4 Layer Bandana Mask is not your everyday bandana. For starters, it has a convenient and safe velcro strip for taking off and putting on. It’s made of soft cotton fabric four-layers deep and has an adjustable nose bridge. See the array of colors, patterns, and sizes HERE.

Watch this inspiring video about the Lo and Sons founder started her company at the age of sixty-five: Today Show.

Rejuvenate those feet and legs! The Vive EXUM Mountain Guide Compression Sock are designed for constant wear with premium alpaca and merino wool for breathability, moisture wicking, and softness. They will ensure that when you travel, you travel in comfort and health – especially for long hauls, or even for long durations of sitting and working at your computer. These days we are tethered to our desks and confined to homes, so compression socks are useful there as well as on long airline flights. They’re absurdly soft, easy to take off and put on, and ensure that you’ll have no foot odor (even on long adventure treks). Available in sizes small through XXL (up to size 14 foot).

Created by an orthopedic surgeon and tested by the Exum Mountain Guides of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Vive Wear socks use a patented combination of silver and copper nanoparticles to create a micro-current of over 10 mV when activated by natural foot perspiration. Like the “e-stim” frequently used in physical therapy, this micro-current contracts muscles to improve motor function, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation more than a normal compression sock. The result is a better hiker performance sock – as well as a soft sock made of baby alpaca and merino wool that wicks moisture away, provides all-season temperature comfort, and eliminates odors.

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