AMASS: Aromatic Botanicals in Spirits, Scents & More

AMASS Botanics, based in Los Angeles, is a veritable source of greatness for botanical-based spirits, non-alcoholic spirits, and aromatic self-care products that smell so wonderful, it’s no surprise that they hail from the gardens in the city of angels.

Social Rituals
At AMASS , you’ll find spirits such as Dry Gin, Botanic Vodka, Impeachment Peach-Flavored Vodka, and Botanic Hard Seltzer in three unique flavors (Surfer Rosso – hibiscus, turmeric, ginger, Faerie Fizz – jasmine, raspberry, cardamom, and Sun Sign – vanilla, mandarin orange, oak). AMASS Botanic Hard Seltzer contains no artificial colors or flavors and is a premium hard seltzer crafted with fermented organic cane sugar and distinctive blends of natural ingredients. All are non-GMO, vegan, and created in the USA. So… at last there’s a botanical-fused, ultra-premium hard seltzer to savor.

AMASS Dry Gin is a tribute to the abundant natural terrain and diverse cultural landscape of Los Angeles. Crafted in downtown L.A. by Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan, this gin is a citrus-forward, herbaceous spirit balanced with earthy umami notes from Reishi mushroom and lion’s mane mushroom. Of the 29 organic botanicals inside the bottle, 11 come from California, with several growing in Morgan’s own backyard. That is local! The corn base spirit is distilled with indigenous botanicals like California bay and cascara sagrada to ground vibrant flavors such as hibiscus, cardamom, cacao, and ginger. Taste the flavors from the rich multicultural fabric in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Riverine contains traditional gin botanicals such as Juniper, Coriander, and Orris Root, but it is a far cry from being a gin proxy. Rather, it is a nuanced, sophisticated spirit in its own right and full of big flavor.

AMASS Vodka features marigold, lemon, and chamomile. Yum. This spirit celebrates Nordic distilling tradition and Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan worked with craft distillers in Copenhagen to develop the liquid before moving production to Central California. Botanicals are meticulously distilled to create a heart with subtle layers of flowers folded around fresh, hand-grated citrus. The result is a glycerin-free spirit that uses marigold petals in place of additives to create an elegant, and versatile vodka.

Impeachment Vodka is comprised of peach, rose, ginger, and red current. So delicious, especially when served chilled. A portion of the proceeds for Impeachment are earmarked for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, a nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers who are dedicated to making the hospitality industry more hospitable to everyone. Proceeds go toward the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, providing direct relief to restaurant workers and zero-interest loans to help these small businesses get back up and running post-pandemic. Cheers to this initiative.

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Self-Care Rituals
AMASS also has heavenly-scented candles, aromatic hand sanitizers, soaps, bath salts and bundled gifts sets. The scents for candles, soaps, and hand sanitizers are each transcendent:

BASIL · PEPPERMINT · ROSEMARY · SAGE · THYME. Inspired by the Greek myth of the basilisk, a deadly serpent, this herbaceous Basilisk Breath scent features sweet basil – a botanical once considered to provide protection against the basilisk’s fatal stare and breath.

LEMON GINGER · GRAPEFRUIT · LAVENDER. Inspired by the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto with its glimmering gold leaf and towering limonene pines, Pseudo Citrine is a sunny, uplifting scent that evokes a lemon-fresh aroma.

CINNAMON • ALLSPICE • CLOVE • EUCALYPTUS. Named for a band of thieves who used a botanical blend to protect themselves from the plague in medieval Europe, the Four Thieves recipe is a timeless remedy reimagined as a cozy, spicy scent. A personal favorite!

SPRUCE · AMBER · PETRICHOR. In the Forest Bath scent, the cool crisp scent of petrichor and cedar warms with the butterscotch sweetness of amber musk for a boreal bath that cleanses the soul.

Immerse in these aromatics in the form of a skin lotion, a useful hand sanitizer, a candle, a luxurious soap, or soothing bath salts. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, check out the AMASS gift bundles, too.