For Drinkers in Dry January

A useful trio for those who fully intend to imbibe, and with impunity, this month and beyond:

Draft Top
If Dry January is not in the cards for you then you need the next latest and greatest party invention: the Draft Top. It’s a patented bar tool constructed to remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. Not only is it a conversation starter, but the Draft Top renders any party even better. Nab it here.

Boozy Dice by Doozy Games
Game nights are the best, especially for cozy winter nights in! Boozy Dice is a new intoxicating (get it?) drinking game that your friends will love. It combines strategy with luck and features 30 alcohol-themed dice combos. From the martini sipping combo and more, you’ll have so much fun with your friends that you’ll be seeing double – thus expanding your social circle. So grab your drinking buddies and belly up to the bar for a night of dice rolling, card matching, and shot-taking to remember… er, maybe. It’s portable, enthralling, and an ice-breaker at parties. Find it here.

Swanson’s Full Spectrum Milk Thistle
If your liver is working overtime (see Boozy Dice, above), give it a much-needed break with nurturing Swanson’s Full Spectrum Milk Thistle. This supplement supports detoxification of the liver and overall liver health, which is always a good thing. The capsules contain antioxidant flavonoids, and offer plant-based ingredients without unnecessary processing. Take some of this milk thistle the night before a cocktail-laden event or an evening at the bar with friends to stave off a dreaded hangover in the morning. Magic! Pick it up for your medicine cabinet here.