Kosher Wines: The Best of The Best

If the term Kosher Wine conjures up images of overly sweet grape wine think again. Sure, that’s available too, but kosher wines have come a long, long way from that syrupy plonk. Sophisticated Kosher wines are easily found and production of them has increased tremendously over the past 20 years. Drink them because they’re delicious and not just because they’re kosher. Kosher wines tastes the same as non-kosher wines and pair well with all kinds of foods. The difference being that there is rabbinical oversight, only kosher ingredients are used (yeast, etc) and the process is made by Sabbath observing Jewish people. Any wine lover will appreciate them.

Here are some great choices I’ve found. I’m sure you’ll discover some favorites too.

A perfect start to dinner, Psagot Sinai White wine from Israel is a refreshing white wine blended from various grapes. It’s elegant yet fruity with touches of melon and pear, but not sweet.

Alcohol 12%.
Available: Kosher Wine

Sangria is always a cheery welcomed beverage, and White Sangria Sintonia was named Best in Show at Kosherfest a few years ago. Fun fact: In order to be labeled Sangria, the wine must come from Spain or Portugal. This lovely all natural one is from Spain. It’s semi-sweet and blended from Macabeo grapes and has lively notes of fresh fruits. Perfect for any occasion and also available in red. Ole!

Alcohol 7%.
Available: Sangria Sintonia

Impress your guests, or your host, with Shiloh Secret Reserve Petite Sirah. This rich red wine comes from the best vineyards in Israel and is aged in new French oak barrels for 18 months using only the very best of the grapes. This beautifully blended unfiltered deep purple wine has complex notes of fruits and spices. It’s a show stopper at any dinner.

Alcohol 15%.
Available: Kosher Wine

Luscious, rich aromas of blackberry and chocolate make the Israeli Carmel Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon a perfect addition to any dinner. Its beautiful spice flavors pair well with so many foods, and it’s one of those great bang-for-the-buck secrets.

Alcohol 13.5%.
Available: Kosher Wine and Total Wine

Deep fragrant notes of blackberry, pink & white peppercorns, and a hint of tobacco leaves remind me of some of my favorite perfumes. Of course this Herzog Lineage Malbec from California was made for sipping, not spritzing. This delicious malbec holds its own with any meal.

Alcohol 14%.
Available: Kosher Wine and Total Wine