Sip on Summer with Casa Luigi Prosecco

If the beaches of Italy aren’t on your itinerary this summer, have no fear–you can still add some Italian flair into whatever plans you do have. It’s easy; just sip some Casa Luigi Prosecco, premium extra dry sparkling wine. The vineyards where this bubbly drink is born are located in a village called Fossalta di Piave, north of Venice. The brightly-colored, lushly floral-printed cans come in a variety of flavors, too, for those who want something different from a summer beverage.

For traditional prosecco lovers, try the original Bianco flavor, fruity and sparkling, a floral bouquet with hints of peach and herb. Your other option is the Rosé, a crisp, refreshing libation with hints of cherry and berries (my personal favorite). Both of these are 100% naturally fermented.

If you’re looking for something with a twist, try one of the canned cocktails. There’s Hugo, made with elderflower blossom extract, lemon, and mint–this one is sweet and surprising, simply made for sipping poolside. Or try Imperial, the white lotus flavor–a lightly sweet, exotic, aromatic drink you might want to save for special occasions. Finally, there’s Veneziano, with orange, herbs, and bitters–this one will suit more refined palettes, and the brand calls it an aperitif cocktail (it’s also vegan). Honestly, you can’t go wrong.