3 Must-Have Picks for Golf this Season

We know that you’ve been traveling to Florida, California, Hawaii or Arizona to get your game on the greens. It’s also no secret that most business deals are done after tee off and in the clubhouse. As the weather warms-up in the northeast, following is this month’s “round-robin” for the winning products for those who swing clubs and challenge the sport. Here’s what you need to hit the golf course this spring/summer.


#3: OGIO makes a Knockdown Pant for their Ironman collection. This pant is perfect for men this spring. The fabric breathes well and the cut allows motion for swinging and walking; the style comes in several colors, of which I personally like the white and banana.
“Four!” This brand is famous around the world and rightfully so, they make quality garments and bags that last, function and score. The company recently expanded into China as the golf craze hits their courses. With several million potential golfers and outdoor enthusiasts, this is something to consider from Wall Street to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

We recommend their apparel and bags.

Check them out here: http://ogio.com


#2: Unlike the days of Arnold Palmer or even Tiger Woods, Tattoo Golf pushes the envelope with regards to the sport’s apparel and a new, cryptic approach to the design of clothing/sport that dates back to Scotland during the Middle Ages. The patterns, colors and artwork are original, edgy and appropriately intimidating in the sport of competition.

This month, we choose their skull and cross clubs graphics on their poly-tec golf shirts. These shirts are made with a microfiber knit fabric that wicks away sweat to keep you looking and feeling cool while on the course, in short, sweet with no sweat. The designs for men and women are awesome, interesting and current.

These shirts are the next best thing to the coveted green jacket.

Shop here: http://www.tattoogolf.com


#1: Remarkable ingenuity, DV8 Sports designs and manufactures various sets of golf clubs that reduce down into to a compact and sleek backpack. These kits are for active and busy people who are on the go and want to play whenever possible without lugging around a traditional and cumbersome set of clubs. Don’t take our word for this revolutionary invention, try them out for two weeks for free.

Read more here: http://www.dv8sports.com

Golf is so much more than a sport.

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