3 Ways Travel Has Influenced My Home Décor


Anyone who knows me knows that I live to travel. I’ve lived abroad and travelled extensively, and there’s no better reflection of my journeys than my home itself.

Here are the three ways I’ve let my passions guide my style:

1. I Look for Art That Inspires Me:
Any travel junkie knows the pain of wanderlust, and how it’s always lingering when they’re no longer on a trip. In order to quench my near-constant desire to be exploring somewhere new, I surround myself with images, art and pictures that remind me of my journeys.

One of the best way to do it is to turn any wall in your home into a gallery wall. I’ve done this in a hallway where I might not have anything hung up otherwise. Now, I’ve printed photos of my favorite travel memories and destinations, framed them all and hung them up so I can see them every day. Better yet, I can swap the pictures in and out as I visit new destinations.

While on your next trip, you should also be on the lookout for unique pieces of art or posters you can buy and transport home. So long as you have a cardboard tube to safely hold your purchases and prevent damage to them, posters are very lightweight souvenirs to throw into your carry-on. And, once you’re home, you can easily frame them and bring your travels into your space that way, too.

2. I Pick Up Meaningful Souvenirs:
Posters are just the beginning of my long history of picking up beautiful souvenirs that I’ve used to decorate my home. On your next trip, make a point to pick up one decorative… something with which to make a statement in your space. Make sure what you buy is unique and meaningful so that, every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of your trip.

You’ll be surprised at just how meaningful your souvenir purchase can be. In fact, some items even have symbolic meaning beyond the personal memory. For example, if you pick up a Persian rug on your next around-the-world trip, it’s likely that the ornate design has a deeper meaning. Knowing that story – and remembering the market where you bought it – will make your home’s décor even more special to you.

3. I Buy Travel-Inspired Accessories to Tie It All Together:
Now, not everything in my home has been collected on my travels – it would probably be a bit unreasonable to carry a couch across an ocean, after all. I do, however, let my souvenirs guide me as I choose the other pieces of furniture with which I’ll fill my space.

You can take this is literally as you want. Perhaps you’ll want to go completely creative and stack a few vintage suitcases to make an end table, or shellac a world map onto your coffee table’s top. You could do something simpler, too, by purchasing furniture that’s neutral and therefore gives the spotlight to what makes your space special: the colorful, ornate, one-of-a-kind items that tell the stories you’ve written in your trips around the world.

Now, Make the Trip
With this in mind, you can go into your next big trip with the goal of buying a new accessory for your home. Or, you might have some souvenirs laying around, collecting dust, waiting to be displayed, highlighted and shared with everyone who comes to your home.

And, if you feel as though a space is wanting for a little bit more oomph from accessories or decorative elements, why not use it as an excuse for your next vacation?

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