Fall Menswear: 5 Must-Haves from Head to Toe

I looked thru my fall wardrobe and became underwhelmed by wearing the same sweaters, shirts and accessories for several seasons. The garments are in perfect condition, but I’m bored with them. I decided it’s time to donate some of my designer items and replace them with a few new additions.

So, I searched the department and consignment stores, thrift and swap shops and online. Below are five of my favorite picks for guys to check out and sport this autumn. It’s time to clean out the closet.


#5: Orvis: Every guy needs a good hat. I chose the Stetson style this fall for hiking, hunting, horseback riding or doing the two-step. This rugged and functional style comes close to perfection with the Stetson Bison Hat — an Orvis exclusive. It’s made in the U.S.A and captures the American West no matter where you live or travel. Orvis has a lot of unique and wonderful garments and gadgets for men who celebrate the great outdoors.

The ladies are certain to give a double take when he lassos a taxi or corrals a herd of ice skaters in Central Park.


489 5th Avenue (Between 41 and 42)
New York, NY 10017

522 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Read more: http://www.orvis.com.


#4: Twillory dress shirts are amazingly tailored for every size man; I take a fitted-shirt and my Twillory looks like I walked out of a tailor shop. I like the colors and styles including the Purple Gingham (above), Multi-color Check and the Blue Royal Bengal. The buttons are mother of pearl and the collars are extra-sturdy.

The online shopping experience also adds to the attractiveness of these shirts. Ordering is quick and simple with delivery in less than a week in the tri-state area. This is my dress-shirt pick of the season.

One more note: All orders come with a postage paid return bag. They will take any of your gently used garments back, have them laundered and re-purposed for those in need.

It’s okay to button down and loosen up at the same time.

Visit: http://twillory.com.


#3: Mitscoots adds a splash of color to men’s ankles — brash, sharp and interesting. All socks are manufactured in South Carolina and packaged in Texas. They are high-quality socks with inspired patterns and colors to choose from. For every pair sold, the company gives one pair to someone in need.

I like their style both in product and mission.

The days of only black or brown socks are over.

Shop here: http://www.mitscoots.com.


#2: Cityzen by Azin has released a line of new scarves for men. The patterns and colors run from masculine to boldly exotic with style names like Paris, Mumbai, Miami, Tehran and Istanbul. The scarves are as functional as they are stylish and made with a modal cashmere blend measuring 42” x 42”. They’re the perfect accent piece to keep guys warm and to jazz up a suit or casual wear.

This proves that not all large scarves represent a military coup.

Shop here: http://cityzenbyazin.com/home/


#1: Boerum Apparel makes gorgeous wool sweaters in regulated countries with a production chain that takes care of the land, livestock and people. Their philosophy is simple: high standards and values. I love the Super-Warm Shawl Collar (above) and not only did I get compliments on the look, the sweater came to the rescue when the temperatures dropped and the winds picked up.

This is my number one pick for the season.

Make a purchase and add Boerum Apparel to your holiday wish list.

Check Out: http://www.boerumapparel.com

All men should take a look at their clothing, divest some garments and move their wardrobe forward this fall.

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