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Billy Jealousy is a hip and trendy men’s grooming product line that caters to metrosexual men everywhere. Their Hair Raiser, Follicle Restorer is a breakthrough cosmeceutical formula that contains a combination of DHT blockers (DHT is a hormone that is responsible for hair loss) and a Vasodilator, which increases scalp circulation. Combating both of these factors can result in a reduction or elimination of male pattern baldness and thinning hair (no plugs for us!). You just use the serum after you’ve towel dried your freshly cleaned hair and massage it all over the affected areas.

Sock It To Me


The weather is finally back on track and we’re getting geared up for the seasonal chill. For this reason, we’re turning out attention to our choice of socks. There are a few simple maxims regarding sock-wearing etiquette. White socks are atheletic socks – they don’t belong at work or with dress shoes. When you’re wearing dress shoes you need to make sure you wear socks and that you select them by how they match your pants, not your shoes. has a huge selection of socks ranting from athletic to dressy. You might snicker at the notion of wearing support socks or no-elastic socks, but this is New York City and we walk a lot. There is no reason not to give your legs, feet and ankles all of the support (and as little binding) as possible. This pair of Moderate Support Over-the-Calf Socks helps provide relief for swollen legs and varicose veins. They look like any ordinary pair of dress socks. Support is graduated up the leg and they have an antibacterial treatment to help control food odor, as well as a non-binding top that equals a comfortable fit.

Real Men Do Wear Quilts!


Quilted jackets and vests are in this winter and I, for one, am happy about it. I just picked up this Theory quilted vest from Neiman Marcus online and it’s the perfect outerwear piece for this time of year. The pockets are deep and the design is simple. The quilting offers great insulation against the cold and wind, and the fact that it’s a vest instead of a coat means you can really move around a lot better. It comes in black or red and retails for about $350.

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