A day in the life

You wake up without a care, roll out of bed and start your daily routine one more time. Mindlessly going about the mundane tasks you’ve done a thousand times, and could probably do in your sleep.

Most likely, as a guy, you don’t change your regimen unless either you’re product of preference is no longer available or your significant other suggested you try something new. Either way the choice was never really yours to make (isn’t ‘suggested’ a much nicer word than ‘told’). Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What do other guys do in the morning?” Here is your answer based solely on my own meandering experience!

Wake up and stumble bleary eyed into the kitchen and turn on the most important appliance in the house, the coffee pot. Sit down and have that first cup otherwise the day is just going to go very poorly.

Time to move into the bathroom.


Currently using Bigelows Lemongrass/Orange Soap. Nothing really scrubs like a bar of soap. Wash hair using a rotation of shampoo, there is no one brand in particular which is permanent. Though I do like Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line.

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Shave using Jack Black Face Buff as a pre-shave wash, and the Jack Black Beard Lube. Razor does not necessarily have to be anything more special than a Gillette Mach 3 with a new blade.

After-shave depends on the condition of my skin. If it’s a little on the tender (aka razor burn) side I typically use Jack Black again. If I have a few ingrown hairs I’ll use Tend Skin, it might burn like nothing else but it gets the job done after just a day or two.

Brushing my teeth I use Rembrandt 3 in 1 Whitening Toothpaste. However this is about to change, only because I can no longer find this product. My Editor is offering to send some GoSmile toothpaste, which she swears will change my life.

To style my hair I use just a drop of product. This one depends largely on the weather. During the summer I use Jack Black Hair Pomade, in winter Aveda Control Paste. The reason for this is during the heat of the summer I want a product with less body to it.

an image

Finishing up:

A quick spray down of Axe deodorant, and a spritz of cologne at the moment the preference (changes weekly) is for Dunhill Pure, and I’m off! Thankfully, the whole process only takes about 15 minutes, even if it sounds like a lot more work.

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