A Metro Home Duo for All Seasons

Coffee is beloved year round, whether iced or hot, and brewing it properly at home is the key to robust flavor and taste. Another home essential is your rug: the base that ties all your décor together. Here are two products for Home that are perfect for any season — and great as wedding gifts or for college students this fall.


The magnificent Krups T-8 Moka Brewer is beloved around the globe for its espresso-strength brews and incomparable taste. An add-on filter enables you to avoid constantly purchasing and replenishing paper filters or plastic pods, and delivers a smooth coffee flavor. The temperature is ideal at 187-F, and the coffee’s plate keeps the coffee warm for your all-important second cup. Easy to use, sturdy and reliable, it will be a great addition to a dorm or student’s first apartment this fall (not to mention your own). Visit http://www.krups.com for the perfect brew.


Ruggable carpets come in a variety of sizes and designs and all are thoroughly washable. The Ruggable 2-Piece Rug System enables you to attach a base to your rug so it won’t slide – yet you can easily remove the rug from the base in order to wash it. How great is that? Give family members who are off to college a Ruggable, or use it to stay on top of pet hair, kid-spills, party debris and more. Peruse the rug options at http://www.ruggable.com, and choose by season, color, room, design and size.
Ruggable 2

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