A Mouth-watering Idea for Father’s Day: Organic Beef from Prescott Frost


For most of us, firing up the grill is a pleasure because the meal we anticipate is worth the maintenance: seasoning, scrubbing and changing the wood briquettes or butane tank — it’s one chore that pales in comparison to the rewards.

Vegans and vegetarians should stop reading here (pause).

Okay, the following information is shared among carnivores, let’s be honest, grilling is all about the meat. While we enjoy the roasted corn on the cob the bottom line or “top-of-mind” entrée is meat: New York strip, rib-eye steak or a juicy burger. I found the highest quality in all of them on a 100% USDA certified-organic farm owned and operated by Prescott Frost.

Located on a sprawling 5000 acres in the Sandhills of Nebraska, this farm is dedicated to grass-fed cattle and no antibiotics; it is in the forefront of transforming agriculture and turning the beef industry in a new direction — organics.

I’ve had the privilege of dining in some of the finest steak houses, I’ve also had the pleasure of grilling meats from other mail-order beef suppliers as well as from my local butcher shop, but now I know — there is a big difference when it comes to farming.

Cut from the most tender section of beef, the short loin, Prescott Frost’s 12 oz. NY Strip Steak is a cut of meat also known as the Delmonico or Kansas City steak. This steak can be broiled, grilled or sautéed. Mine was grilled to perfection with only salt and pepper added. Served with a glass of Malbec, my pallet was treated to a juicy, savory and robust experience as my taste buds danced the Argentine tango with a flavor so rich or “saboroso” as they say. The grilled vegetables complimented the meal perfectly. Simply delicious!

I also tried the Prescott Frost Rib-Eye Steak. Packed with flavor due to it’s marbling, this cut of meat is best grilled. Succulent is a word that does not do this steak justice. Served with a salad of fresh greens including: fennel, parsley and endive, my mouth was treated to an amazing combination of flavors and textures — a fine glass of Cabernet made the meal complete and perfect. It’s a steak that I believe any “grilling daddy” would enjoy this Father’s Day.

Last but certainly not least, the ground beef made hamburgers on the grill a flame-charred phenomenon — I’m talking sumptuous and sating. I could have created a line outside of my apartment comparable to Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack.

One last note: Prescott Frost is the great-grandson of America’s award winning poet, Robert Frost. He has been dedicated to organic farming for over 30 years. There is a difference when it comes to grass-fed cattle and organics.

Find out more at http://www.prescottfrost.com/

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